Biden Doesn’t Exactly Help Democrat Campaigns

We’ve said for a while that it’s an outrage for Dan Quayle to be considered a dunce as a Vice President in light of the guy who has that job now. Joe Biden makes Quayle look like Edmund Burke.

Disagree? OK, fine. Ask yourself if Quayle managed to make two profoundly stupid statements in one short speech like Biden did over the weekend…

Vice President Biden equated Republicans taking over Congress in the upcoming elections with opium gang feuds at an event Friday, and he didn’t stop there.

Biden warned the crowd at an Iowa rally of a pending Republican takeover.

“If these guys take over the House and the Senate this next time out… it will be a Tong War for the next two years,” Biden said.

The Tong Wars were feuds among rival Asian gangs in U.S. cities over the opium trade in the mid-1800s and early 1900s.

Biden also said it would ultimately have been better for Democrats if the Bush-era policies had lasted longer.

“It would have been better to lose last time, have four more years of really bad, bad policy and have no doubt about why all this occurred and then had a decade of trying to bring America around,” Biden said.

But despite his assumedly facetious 2008 revisionism, he imparted advice to the crowd about how to deal with Republican talk on government spending.

“The next time a Republican tells you anything about ‘fiscal responsibility,’ laugh at ‘em, just laugh at ‘em,” Biden said.

Biden might know more about the opium trade than anybody else in Washington, for all we know. But in other respects, he’s a blockhead of the first magnitude. That seems clear.

Which wouldn’t be anybody’s problem but Delaware’s, since they had this clown as their senator for four decades. But it’s our problem because the Rabble-Rouser-In-Chief, in his clean, articulate manner, picked him to be a heartbeat away from the most important job in the world.

Maybe it’s a bit of self-preservation for Obama to have done so. Even lunatics won’t try to kill the president with Biden waiting in the wings.

Sure won’t help Democrat congressional candidates, though.



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