If You’re Rich And You’d Like To Pay More Taxes…

…then there is a very simple solution for you to take advantage of.

It’s difficult to imagine someone capable of earning income in excess of $250,000 per year who honestly believes the government could spend his/her money more responsibly and effectively than he/she him/herself can. Very difficult. Such people are probably trust-fund babies who will ultimately piss away their fortune soon enough. Either that or they’re thoroughly disingenuous, as they’ve got their wad sitting in tax-free municipal bonds and raising tax rates won’t touch them.

But if you’re sitting on a pot of gold and you’re dumb enough not to be able to find a charity capable of helping to solve the world’s problems better than the United States federal government, and it’s just killing you that your taxes and those of the rest of the folks who make what you make are too gosh-darn low, let not your heart be troubled.

There is an answer to your prayers. And it’s an answer you can take upon yourself without any political fighting at all.

Just donate the extra you think you should pay to the federal government. You don’t need higher taxes. You got where you are for a reason; you’re one of the sharpest tools in the shed, you can get things done and you care more than anybody else. Right? So why do you need the federal government to tell you to pull more weight? You have the power to make that decision on your own.

Citizens who wish to make a general donation to the U.S. government may send contributions to a specific account called “Gifts to the United States.” This account was established in 1843 to accept gifts, such as bequests, from individuals wishing to express their patriotism to the United States. Money deposited into this account is for general use by the federal government and can be available for budget needs. These contributions are considered an unconditional gift to the government. Financial gifts can be made by check or money order payable to the United States Treasury and mailed to the address below.

Gifts to the United States
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Credit Accounting Branch
3700 East-West Highway, Room 622D
Hyattsville, MD 20782

And the beauty of this is that while you can pay whatever tax rate you want above and beyond the government’s requirements, other folks are free to give more.

Or less.

It’s their choice, see. Freedom. This is America, dontcha know.

On a day when the Japanese announced they’ll be cutting corporate income taxes by five percent, which now makes American corporate taxes the highest in the world, we think it’s probably not a great idea to go around telling people they need to pay more taxes. If you’re not satisfied with how much the government is charging you, then pay more.

But shut up about the rest of us. We pay enough in taxes.



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