So, Uhhhh, What The Heck Is This?

Channel 33 in Baton Rouge had something a little bit creepy on its morning news today – namely, a picture a viewer sent in claiming he found it on a sim card still intact after a deer camera he’d planted at a reserve near Berwick was found broken.

It doesn’t look much like a deer.

It looks more like Paul Begala. But Begala only goes on camera for money, so it’s probably not him.

Speaking as a critter who makes a practice of prowling the swamps of South Louisiana at night, it doesn’t really look familiar. I couldn’t say what the heck this thing is. The guy who sent it to the TV station says  it’s an “alien-looking thing.”

Nah. It ain’t alien.

We might want to ask an authority on the subject and see what he says. So let’s do that, shall we?

Nah, that ain’t it either.

OK, anybody got any ideas?



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