It’s Time For General Motors To Die…

…if this is what they have to offer after soaking up billions of dollars in tax money the government doesn’t have rather than go through a proper bankruptcy, the entire exercise of bailing this failed company out has been an unmitigated waste.

I’m sure I’m not the only one offended at the concept that profits (of which there are none, as Chevy is producing the Volt at a loss) emanating from sales of these “green” cars will go toward the planting of trees and the healing of planets. No, those profits should go toward a far more noble purpose – paying off the massive debt of the company.

Of maybe making whole the bondholders who were screwed out of their money by the Obama administration and the UAW in that bailout.

Either way, if you buy one of these “green” cars, you’re suborning theft and fraud. You’re also cheating Mother Nature, because GM should have been subjected to the creative destruction of the free market already rather than having been taken over by wealth-destroying leftists whose idiotic “green” business model is already being subsidized by your tax dollars.



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