Qatar, Saudi Arabia And The Qaradawi Connection

The emergence of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi in Egypt is a sign that we have reached the apex of this phase of the turmoil.

Qaradawi, an Egyptian, is the ideological mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sunni Islamic world’s foremost Sharia law scholar. He has been living in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar and is very close to the emir of Qatar. He chairs the Sharia advisory board of the world’s largest Islamic bank, Qatar Islamic Bank.

Notice that we see no reports of protests in Qatar.

Qaradawi is an enemy of the Egyptian regime and certainly an enemy of the Gaddafi regime in Libya. Both nations have been wracked by rebellion, at least partially orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another nation that seems to have escaped turmoil is Saudi Arabia.

Those who speculate that the turmoil will spread to Saudi Arabia are most likely wrong. Qaradawi also heads the Union of Good, an umbrella group of 53 charities based in Saudi Arabia. The Union of Good was designated a terrorist entity by the US Treasury Department a year or two ago because it funds all sorts of Jihadist terrorist organizations, notably HAMAS. Union of Good has all sorts of ties to Saudi royals. The Saudi royals also fund the Muslim Brotherhood.

We are unlikely to see the Muslim Brotherhood cause trouble in Saudi Arabia. The same goes for Qatar. Qaradawi won’t bite the hands that feed him.

The emir of Qatar and the Saudi royals are no better than Mubarak. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are no more free than Libya. Yet there is no unrest in either nation. Perhaps the mainstream media should look into why this is so…



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