Crazy Doings In Wisconsin

Via Gateway Pundit, citizen journalist Josiah Cantrall has been blogging on the mess in Madison at the Wisconsin state capitol. It seems today’s vote by the state assembly on the revamped budget-repair bill which would alter the state’s collective bargaining scheme for public employee unions might be dependent on the outcome of a battle for control of the Capitol building itself.

They are still planning on convening at 11 am CST. If they can get control of the building… As of right now, even the legislators themselves aren’t sure of it’s status.

Today members of the Assembly will be going to Madison though.

At a certain time, security forces will pick up legislators from their houses, proceed to Madison, drop them off at another secure location where they will receive new instructions.

Madison police won’t be used due to their lack of cooperation. State troopers and other statewide security forces will provide the escort.

If they get inside, they will give the Democrats a set time when the vote will take place. No amendments. Democrats are free to do whatever in the meantime. Go into caucus, scream at the Republican etc. But once they reach the set time, if the building is still secure, the vote will be taken.

For security reasons, exact time of vote will not be released until 11 am.



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