I’ve Seen Snubs, And That Wasn’t A Snub

Recently one of our Congressional Delegation created a stir when invited to the White House for, allegedly, a meeting concerning the raising of the national debt ceiling. Instead Representative Jeff Landry blew a hole in the ceiling with his refusal to attend. Some felt this was a snub of the Presidency. It was merely a snub of the never-ending need to grandstand, posture and assume the role of elemental political poseur.

Obama needs to appear as though he knows what he’s doing. Meanwhile the world witnesses his inability to motivate his political party to produce even the flimsiest theory of how to prevent this economic meltdown other than print more worthless scrip and create government jobs. The meeting was a ruse to allow ineffectual, incompetent, self-serving charlatans to appear as though they’re working to prevent America’s default on international loans and debts.

Thank God Almighty for digital photography. Otherwise there’d be a mountain of exposed negatives and prints of politicians schmoozing, posing and shaking each others’ hands while congratulating each other for looking so productive while actually accomplishing nothing. It’s the way they navigate the lay of the land. They march merrily, arm in arm, across the Mall and collect money to stay in office while getting nothing more done than showing how good they look in expensive suits and golf clothes.

Representative Landry issued a press statement stating his reasons to not attend. He needed and still needs no defense for what is simple sense for his refusal: “if the meeting at the White House would have been an in-depth discussion about how we can cut spending to prevent adding 2.4 trillion dollars to our national debt instead of political grandstanding to give the illusion that the President is committed to finding solutions, I would have enthusiastically attended.”

Makes sense don’t you think? But Landry goes on: In fact, the President’s own Press Secretary – Jay Carney – acknowledged that the meeting ‘was not the forum for specific advances in negotiations.’ So as I was debating whether or not to attend, I was left with a question that I still have no answer for: What was this meeting’s purpose other than good old Washington gamesmanship?” (The Hayride 6-10-2011)

I can now derive the vindication I’ve sought for the last ten years of telling people what the good and wise Representative has simply but eloquently stated in his statement.

This nation needs leadership, not poseurs’ bloviating and inflating the biographies nobody reads. House Speaker Boehner and his cadre of right-wing zealots are no better than Obama and his herd of left-wing ideologues. None following a party line, mindlessly and continually spouting the credo of the dominant (or wannabe dominant) philosophy is worth the cost of their last Cappuccino. They’re a cumulative waste of oxygen and clog up the positions better saved for people like Landry wanting to actually achieve the goals we set for them.

Landry pays homage to the Office of the President: “The Office of the President deserves respect, but it also demands leadership.” And I agree, but years ago I stated we can’t respect any incumbent President bowing before foreign potentates and assumes deference and fealty to foreign religious dogma masquerading as religious principle while clearly working to become a world-wide political power (Islamic & Shariah Law). No respect is due a man lowering the esteem of America in the world-view.

This President is articulate with the help of a Teleprompter, but shows no particular aptitude concerning matters of Economic Policy. He’s shown no aptitude for Foreign Policy having suggested Israel return to the tip of the bayonet held at their throats in 1967. He regularly alienates our closest allies.

We have a very photogenic President and First Family. We have a Congress comprised of talking heads speaking with the echo created by the vacuum they have between their ears. They all speak; issue edicts supposed to enliven us toward action then sit back and hope nobody sees there’s nothing else happening. It’s the way Washington’s worked for years: until now.

Now we have a Representative not afraid to see the King’s Raiment is tattered; and say so.

Thanks for listening.



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