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Speaking in favor of the Cut, Cap and Balance plan…

Of course, most folks say CCB can’t pass in the Senate. Instead of CCB, the new plan in the Senate is this Gang Of Six business which supposedly had $3.7 trillion in budget cuts and $500 billion right away. But of course it wipes out a trillion dollars or so of tax incentives while at the same time killing the Alternative Minimum Tax (which supposedly is a $1.5 trillion tax cut).

Whether the Gang Of Six thing is any good or not, it’s probably too early to tell. There are Democrats who like it, and apparently the President likes it as well. That right there should tell you it sucks. It’s being pushed on the Republican side by Tom Coburn, who seems overfriendly to tax increases though he’s without a doubt serious about balancing the budget, and some of the more suspicious RINO types like Lamar Alexander, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Saxby Chambliss.

Boustany and his cohorts in the House have what looks like a better idea. Seems like Republicans in the House of Representatives, whether it’s Congress or the state legislature, are usually the ones who have the better ideas, and the consummate politicians in the Senate, whether on the Hill or at the state capitol, water them down and make them suck.

We’ll need to see more to find out how bad this Gang Of Six bill sucks. But it probably does. Boustany has done himself some good jumping on CCB, though.



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