Indefensible Gamesmanship

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) came up with a brain pulse (more like a dull thud than a pulse but whatever). He offered Mr. Obama the option of taking Debt Ceiling increases in three installments which he’d then have to justify and get passed through Congress as an afterthought. The “installments” are at a rate of $2.5 Trillion of YOUR dollars.

If the Congress, (read that: dumb basses) don’t like it they can refuse to authorize the installments for lack of them being balanced by cost cutting in other areas. You know, like Obama has been willing to do so far. He can veto any action taken against him. Then Congress must muster a 2/3 majority to override the veto. The entire program might (or might not be) an exercise in futility if not stupidity because this option never should have been brought up in the first bloody place.

Obama reverted to his normal extortionist procedure of scaring the public into believing Social Security checks and Veterans Benefits could not be issued for August “because there may not be the money in the coffers to do it.” The fact of the matter is Social Security MUST be issued. The Wingnut-in-Chief chooses when to issue the checks. Simple Alinskyesque technique of making it appear the enemy won’t do the right thing for the country. The tactic allows for that sleight-of-hand Obama and every other beltway politician is so famous for; get the public looking in the wrong direction and blindside ‘em when they least expect it. Then blame the opposition for not seeing it coming.

It’s possible McConnell thinks this is a great way to place the onus on Obama to commit to positive fiscal restraint measures. If he thinks he can guarantee Congressional oversight over this administration he’s sadly mistaken. (Forgive me. I had to overpower the urge to say STUPID instead of mistaken!)  As long as Obama has the right to veto any action by the Congress, in the present atmosphere, McConnell can’t guarantee protection of the public’s interests. This is no more than Political Gamesmanship at its most blatant exercise.

But, worse than Political Gamesmanship, it’s more akin to the old game of Russian roulette. You know, load one chamber in the gun, close it and spin the cylinder. Now point the gun at your temple and pull the trigger. If the gun doesn’t fire, you won-for the moment. The gun is then given to the next guy in the circle. The guns going to come back to you after others make their play.

But there are two other ways to play this stupid and dangerous game.

First change: use an automatic weapon. No cylinder to spin. You pull the slide back and release it. Then you point at your temple. You’ll lose because the gun has a bullet in the chamber as soon as you jack the slide and chamber the round. This is what McConnell is suggesting Congress do with Obama. It’s either this way or the way Joseph Stalin would play the game.

Stalin’s Rule Change: Load the automatic. Chamber the round. Then when you’re supposed to point the gun at YOUR temple, jump up and shoot your opponent. It’s a rigged game and it’s game over. We’re guaranteed by virtue of the Democratic Party’s track record one of these two ways will be offered to the American people as a choice.

The American public isn’t expecting Senators or Congressmen to load the gun for the enemy (Big Government). We expect Senators and Congressmen to do our bidding and protect the American Dream, not turn it into a nightmare of unbelievable complexity and devious strategies designed to maintain the status quo of only select members controlling the lives and fortunes of ALL the citizenry.

This operation relies on the personal integrity and character of the participants.  With his act we have no reason to trust in the existence of Obama’s, McConnell’s or any other big government participant to have the qualities of Integrity and Personal Character.

They just want to play their games at our expense.

Thanks for listening.



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