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I have always respected and admired John Mc Cain (R-AZ) as a valorous, courageous and steadfast military man. However as a legislator on the American political stage I find him to be not so much a steadfast symbol of strength and determination as a man willing to accept wherever the political and thus self-serving winds blow him at the moment. He has all of the directionality of wind vane spinning in a cyclone. You only have to wait for him to reach into a grab-bag somewhere to find some reference to modern culture showing he has some grasp on today’s scene.

McCain’s sensibilities, sensitivities and susceptibility to the latest whims and directionality of political debate are wearing thin. Lately, he’s referring to Tea Party Activists as “Hobbits.”

He pulled his allusion to Hobbits from a Wall Street Journal editorial and obviously believes Tea Party activists have served their purpose on the political scene. He’s suggesting the Tea Party Movement should fade back into the obscurity of their little underground lodgings in the far-off Shire after proving itself a potent force in the present Debt Ceiling debate.

Perhaps Mr. McCain draws exception to the characters of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Rings Trilogy © because he sees so little of their admirable character in his own political demeanor. They are steadfast without regard to the theater of endeavor. They stay true to their convictions no matter the pain involved as he once did, but they didn’t waffle, spin or posture as “mavericks’ for the sake of political advantage. For them, right was right and expedience wasn’t an option to be entertained. The stakes were too high to be “squishy” or self-serving.

McCain’s made a career of trying to stay on all sides of the issues. Whomever he found a necessity to romance as an ally of the moment is the one he romanced immediately. He expects America will forgive and forget the foibles of a fading hero with lessening credibility every time he looks through the next glass darkly. He’s at the stage of impending irrelevance for doctoring his spin on any given issue. His desire to please everybody is evident every time he faux-slams the Administration at Press Conferences and then panders to the Incumbent when he’s in his presence. His slavish catering to the political theater he’s cast in borders on brown-nosing and boot-licking. It’s all B.S and shows the natural inclination of the B.S. artist he is to parade himself before the audience as a major player. Unfortunately the curtain’s descending on this legislative soap opera. There’ll be no calls for his encore.

Another thing becoming apparent as a difference between McCain and the Hobbits is they had a decisive and enduring impact on the events they participated in; in this case, McCain can’t make that claim. He’s been oddly quiet and less apparent in the debates, arguments and discussions concerning this subject. Now, at the time when resolution will come whether by hook or by crook, or Constitutional challenges for the actions of the Administration

It wouldn’t be so bad but McCain pandered for Tea Party support and accepted the darling of the Tea Party Movement, Sarah Palin as his running mate when he lay himself on the altar of doomed politically incorrectness to be slain by the charlatan –in-chief. He’s claiming membership in the Sons of Liberty while throwing former recipients of his endorsements into Boston Harbor. Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin need no enemies as long as they have McCain on their side. His endorsement is the Kiss –of-Death for any needing a viable advocacy of their candidacy.

McCain brings nothing to the table worthy of debate. He lobs softballs and fishes for issues needing articulation in the wastebaskets of journalists. He was once a man to quote for his assumed erudition. His voice is no longer the thundering call for conservatism it once was. It’s more the bleating of a crippled Ram trying to leave the mountain without falling into the abyss he once proudly surveyed as no more than another obstacle to be navigated with impunity.

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