Stimulus No. 2 Is Coming

Road construction. A good solid $100 billion worth. And tax breaks for retrofitting buildings to be more energy-efficient.

A question for the president – will he suspend Davis-Bacon on these federally-funded projects so as to get more infrastructure built for less money? That’s what Republicans should offer as a compromise – you can have your construction projects, Mr. President, but not as a sop to the unions and oh-by-the-way we’re going to cut the budget by $100 billion to pay for it.

Which, naturally, Obama will howl about like a stuck pig.

But nobody believes the president on economic policy anymore, and for the House GOP to give him any considerations on policy they should insist it be on their terms.

Another question: didn’t we spend a trillion dollars in 2009 on a stimulus that was supposed to be about roads, bridges and infrastructure? Was that money wasted on bailing out states and local governments – and in so doing, propping up public-sector union membership – rather than the stuff it was intended to be for?

And if so, where’s the president’s credibility?

Never mind that last question. Too easy.



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