An Occupied Nanny State

Occupy Wall Street is a protest happening as we speak. It seems many people involved are disenchanted with the way Wall Street has functioned over the years. They want to tear down that which brought them to the point they enjoy right now.

They say they want parity, the elemental equality of one group in respect to another. But why must a minority think it must tear down those who are doing better than they? Why can’t people try ascending to higher levels of prosperity? Why must everybody lower themselves to drink from the same septic well these people poison themselves with? Why must everybody take a lower status than they’ve worked to acquire? Socialism is based on the lowest common denominator of human endeavor. You do only what is necessary to get by. That’s not what America’s about.

It’s a fundamental program of Socialist/Communist thinking to foment a class war. The higher levels of any dissident group put their lower class elements into the streets to raise hell.

Check your history books. Check Russia from 1915 through 1917. The Communist hierarchy took their chants, rhetoric and propaganda to the streets while super-charging the emotionally unbalanced to see demons in every success. The demand for more while being required to work less has always been twisted to gain traction on the slippery trail socialism carves through the wilderness of political pursuit. They want to share what they didn’t earn.

It’s proven some of these people are funded by unions. Bill Maher, liberal comedian and social commentator has suggested violence might be necessary to get the attention of those in power and forcefully drive the message home. Bill Maher, coward, rabble-rouser and seriously low-class, poorly equipped theoretician and self-indulgent protest merchant wants one thing: to have people look at him.

I’d suggest neither he nor his hero, Vladimir Lenin, ever stood at the front of the protest line. Lenin stayed in the rear where he could more safely harangue the crowds and send them into Moscow to be gunned down by the Czar’s troops. Lenin was a coward too. He risked no more than he could afford and simply breathed as much oxygen into a class war. He expected to emerge unscathed and ultimately in command of the government he sought to destroy.

Stalin used violence to control his nation. He used violence and terror to wrest control from others so he’d ascend to lead the Communist Party in Russia. Violence was his friend and he used his friend very well, killing his ideological and personal enemies all over the world. Leon Trotsky learned his lessons at the end of a pick-axe to his head while in exile in Mexico. Long is the arm of a tyrant seeking to silence his enemies.

Michael Moore is a sad little clown noted for his film making. He mistakes his ability to entertain, like Maher, with his drive to direct social commentary and direction. He too has suggested there may be blood to be shed for this “noble cause” being played out at Zuccotti Park in New York. Please note: both these men spit their drivel from TV studios. They don’t sleep with the unwashed masses and they don’t run the same risks the average man or woman in the street does. They maintain their distance to allow for plausible deniability.

It’s really sad to see the mainstream media lionizing people claiming to be the voice of 99% of America. The media knows there’s no equivalency between those protesting and those working daily. The REAL 99% support these protesters through social welfare programs assuring the death of the American work ethic. People have been interviewed.  They say they want; but they don’t say they’ll earn. They say they need; but they don’t say anything other than “gimme”. They demand; but don’t command the slightest notion they develop character by their participation in the American Dream. They’re shallow and callow and devoid of a moral compass. They have no idea what made this nation what it is as a successful example of capitalism in action.

They want the Nanny State to give them something to suckle. I think they need a spanking.

Thanks for listening.

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