Nothing Good Comes From Russian Roulette

The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.

– Gaylord Parkinson, California Republican Party Chairman (Attributed to Ronald Reagan)

Watching the Republican Party debates has many of the same attractions I find most interesting and valuable as it pertains to my proper usage of what time I have left to me on this planet; like watching paint dry, leaves composting and doggie doo-doo whitening in the summer sun.

In spite of the violation of the  11th Commandment the major players seem to have nothing better to do than appear fractious and verbose, irritable and verbally long winded. But they want to feast on each other. Early on, the moderators started catering to any topic showcasing Mitt Romney. Then after the pasting the guy took regularly from Bachmann and others like Paul and Gingrich, they were presented with the newer sock-puppet; Rick Perry.

Contention shifted from the Romney Rectal Redundancy Program highlighting RobamneyCare versus the promotion of Perry as a breath of job productive fresh air. Some say he’s done more to prevent illegal alien unemployment in Texas than any Governor since Sam Houston.

The assorted alphabet soup (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN etc.) driving this case of oratorical diarrhea made all other candidates appear superfluous. The dais erupted like an overripe pimple. The indignation of the other candidates oozed outward for the pandering the moderators did to the dynastic duo. The underlings wanted to play too. The playground was conquered by ants.

But all of this is concealing a worsening problem in the Republican Party ranks. While the egomaniacal push, shove and tongue tangle over their stances on the shaky planks of possible national political platforms, the Grand Old Potty is having problems in the Congress. This is all indicative of the power-plays going on in all manner of political discourse.

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) is a group composed of died in the wool republican conservative congressmen banded together to present a united front against the evil Progressive, Marxist, Socialist, Communist hordes looking to conquer the country in a benign fashion. The RSC is doing such a good job of organizing, many see the program as similar to the last minutes of the Titanic; people leaping overboard rather than get sucked down by a vacuum of contentious leadership. The Ultra-conservatives are alleged to be attacking their own not agreeing with the RSC’s objectives.

Conservatives are in vogue at the moment. I’m conservative. You’d never guess would you (wink-wink). But in all my conservatism I’ve never threatened to expel, ostracize or herd the vultures to pick the bones of a conservative having a different viewpoint than mine. It’s expected a conservative should stay the course in order to produce the results desired by the movement.

Representatives these days are sent to Congress by conservatives to become a part of a new thought process: not go along to get along. Power corrupts, but uncontrolled power destroys. The RSC (in determining some members weren’t falling into lock-step with ultra-conservative viewpoints) is alleged to vilify those less hard-line than themselves. They supposedly do it by using bloggers and internet savvy minions to suggest the offender’s non-participation (or complete dedication) to the conservative cause are signs of weakness. This isn’t good.

In light of the Presidential Candidates’ force-feeding each other personal and ideological body parts, it seems this is a party-wide problem. Personal attacks against fellow conservatives appear to be weakening Conservative politics when it’s least appreciable. Instead of coming together to gain control of both houses of the Congress (and possibly remove a less than competent President in a time seen as his weakest point) the Republican Party is starting its own “death by a thousand cuts”.

The recognized internal blood-letting appearing in the back-halls of Congress are making things rough for people looking to go-along-to-get-along. Where it shows strength of character to say what you mean and mean what you say, punishing members of your own clan is counter-productive. You can’t shun an ally and expect their loyalty and support after the fact.

It’s like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded, cocked automatic: nothing good can come of it.

Thanks for listening.

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