Scary Tales From The Courts

In honor of the Halloween holiday, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch is highlighting some of the scariest lawsuits haunting our courts these days. From dissatisfied moviegoers to travelers who can’t accept a bumpy ride, these lawsuits are straight out of a nightmare. The scariest thing about these lawsuits: they’re real.

  • “Drive” Does Not Live Up to Its Name: A Michigan woman is suing FilmDistrict, the company distributing the movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, under claims that the film did not have enough driving. The disgruntled moviegoer claims that the promotional materials for the movie mislead her to believe that driving would play a larger role in the film and that there would be more driving, action sequences. The formal complaint states that she allegedly suffered “damages including but not limited to the purchase price of the ticket.”
  • Experience Turbulence? Why Not Sue?!: A Texas woman is suing Continental Airlines– in addition to three other air carriers – after she allegedly experienced mental trauma as a result of in-flight turbulence. The woman was traveling from College Station, Texas to Houston in 2009, when the plane encountered “extreme turbulence” that caused the plaintiff to “fear for her life.” The woman claimed that she experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and now fears flying, which in turn has had a “detrimental impact” on her career.
  • Dog Abusers Sue Rescue Team: About a year ago, Ms. Hodge, with the support of the Animal Hospital of East Burke rescued “Firu,” an American bulldog who had been tied to the bumper of a car and dragged along by his owners. The two men faced charges of felony animal cruelty, and Firu was healed after spending 48 days in the hospital. He still receives medical aid today, but Firu can now live his life like a happy dog again thanks to the help of Hodge. Fast forward to present day and the two men who almost killed Firu are now suing the woman and the members of the rescue shelter. The lawsuit accuses Hodge and others of making defamatory statements against the two men. In the suit, the men claim that Hodge somehow benefited from calling them “evil” and “sick.”

These cases are so ridiculous it’s hard not to chuckle, but lawsuit abuse is no laughing matter. Frivolous suits clog up our legal system and make it harder for those who have been truly injured to have their day in court.  That’s just wrong.  Our legal system is an instrument for justice, and it shouldn’t be used and abused by those who are seeking to make a quick buck.

Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch is a non-partisan, non-profit, citizen watchdog group dedicated to stopping lawsuit abuse that hurts Louisiana families and threatens jobs and businesses.  Learn more at

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