‘Just Because’ Won’t Cut It Anymore

Whenever somebody asks me what qualifies me for this job I have to admit I have none other than American citizenship and a genuine concern for the number of idiots we employ regularly as our representatives to Congress. The second thing I suggest qualifies me is I ask more questions. I don’t blindly accept statements made by people with an axe to grind or a profit to make. I don’t think I’m the sole expert on any subject. You know; somewhat like yourself. We view this stupidity masquerading as governance and say: hunh?

An idiot is defined informally as:  an utterly foolish or senseless person: in Psychology (no longer in technical use; considered offensive): a person of the lowest order in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation…Dictionary.com

It all reminds me of Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but I admit to a certain conservative prejudice. Can they say they have NO prejudices?

Why do we take it for granted just because a politician is in a powerful position or a self-advertised “expert” has an alphabet behind his/her name – we blindly accept the notion they know what they’re talking about? Have you noticed the mess this world is in, was created by hyper-educated dumb basses declaring they’re “experts”? What makes this Towering Babel of overly educated, under-experienced (and thus qualified theoreticians only) anymore qualified to direct a nation’s fiscal, foreign or domestic policy?

I mean; how many economists have successfully directed their homelands economic success since the development of society? Answer: damned few. But we accept the vaunted theories they throw around as acceptable because the “econo-dumbspit” has an extended education in Economic Theory only. Therefore, if you have a selective, specific, technical command of the jargon; you can sound like you know what you’re talking about. Unfortunately, just because you can balance your checkbook doesn’t mean you can control a nation’s economy.

For some reason the human race has fully accepted the idea; because a person has an extended education he has a better than average understanding of how to solve every problem out there. This, for us is suicidal in that we allow this man/woman control over our fates as though they alone have the ability at any given moment to decide correctly what is best for each of us individually. We accept education as indicative of infallibility. It isn’t.

Like the comedian said: you can’t fix stupid. Even educated people can be stupid. Look at some of our past world leaders again.

Lots of people have been world leaders. Moammar Qaddafi was the head of state for Libya. Now that was a guy you wanted in charge wasn’t it? But, to balance this fulcrum, Richard Nixon was a real winner in the end result wasn’t he? Both were high intelligent but unscrupulous puppeteers and later proven despotic tyrants placing themselves above those they claimed to represent.

How’d that work out for everybody?

The entire world needs to sit down and take note of just who it is they select as leaders. Start with the examination of the practicality of any candidates’ qualifications. Ask questions.


  1. Have you ever competed for and held a job in the private sector?
  2. Have you ever run a company and: controlled a payroll, engaged in Human Resources (HR) activities, dealt with HR issues, ever fired anybody? Ever been fired?
  3. What’s your practical experience in this field?
  4. If your expertise (noting this is only an increased awareness of theory and not necessarily the practice of any particular regime) is not in the field of endeavor you’re pursuing- what makes you think you can do this job? (This applies to doctors trying to be legislators and teachers seeking to become president.)
  5. See #3
  6. What makes you more qualified than the other guy (then never let it be mentioned again in time-wasteful debates signifying nothing.)

For too long people around the world have been accepting only that which is put on their plate. When asked: why do I have to eat this garbage? We get the world-wide answer: Just because…

What makes that right?

Thanks for listening.



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