Another Major Sponsor Pulls Advertising From Muslim Propaganda TV Show

Another sponsor of TLC’s “All-American Muslim” reality show has decided that it’s not worth angering customers by involving itself in a program designed to spread propaganda and promote the notion that we live in a country filled with people that hate anyone different from them, especially Muslims., an online travel site, has now said so long to “All American Muslim” shortly after Lowe’s Home Improvement did the same. The show in question depicts American Muslims trying to live ordinary lives in Deerborn, MI. against the backdrop to a country that is unjustly suspicious and intolerant of their faith. said that it pulled advertising because because TLC had not been upfront about the content of the show and not because of backlash from potential customers, as evidenced in mass emails sent by groups like the Florida Family Association. That’s a lie, of course. Why would any company want to keep sponsoring a show igniting such controversy, especially in hard economic times?

The Florida Family Association, which says it has received about 750,000 emails from people concerning the show, has launched an online campaign to get companies to pull advertising from “All-American Muslim”. According to the association, about 75 companies that were original sponsors of the program have decided to pull their ads.

No, I have never watched “All-American Muslim”, but I don’t need to watch it it know that the show is created around the notion that Americans are just bigots who need to be taught that American Muslims are regular folks trying to go about their business in a country that irrationally distrust them. This  couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The United States is a remarkably tolerant nation, especially given the diverse background of it’s people. There is no rampant discrimination or ostracizing of Muslim here, which is all the more remarkable considering that Americans have been attacked multiple times by Islamist including, of course, having over 3,000 people murdered on 9-11.

Americans know that there are good Muslim men and women and don’t need to be propagandized by some stupid realty show that whitewashes real trouble in Deerborn. The city is not Frank Capra’s Bedford Falls with a lot of Muslims. Radical elements exist and Americans have every right to be suspicious of Islamist who call Deerborn home. To not be worried would be incredibly stupid.

Two years ago, the FBI was involved in a shootout with a radical Sunni Muslim cleric form Derrborn, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, during a raid in which Abdullah was killed that resulted in 11 of his followers being arrested.

A New York Times story on the incident explains what was going on in Deerborn:

A 45-page complaint says that Mr. Abdullah trained his followers in the use of firearms, martial arts and sword fighting, and that he directed them to conduct an “offensive jihad” against the United States government and law enforcement.

Mr. Abdullah was the imam of a mosque called Masjid al-Haqq, which was evicted by city officials in January for failure to pay property taxes. During the eviction, the police said, they found two guns and about 40 other weapons in Mr. Abdullah’s apartment. As a felon previously convicted of assault and carrying a concealed weapon, Mr. Abdullah was forbidden to possess firearms.

During that time, Mr. Abdullah told informants that “America must fall” and that if the police ever tried to apprehend him, he would “just strap a bomb on and blow up everybody.” To obtain bulletproof vests for protection, he told followers, they should “shoot a cop in the head, and take their vest,” the complaint states.


Abdullah’s group, which advocated Sharia law, isn’t alone in Deerborn.  Polling data collected by the University of Kentucky reveals that 81 percent of Muslims in the Detroit area either agree or strongly agree with instituting Sharia law in countries where Islam is the primary religion. “All American Muslim” also doesn’t address incidents like Christians being arrested for discussing their beliefs in Deerborn. This video speaks for itself:

It’s not the first time that Christians, not Muslims, have been the subject of attempts to shut down their speech in Deerborn. Maybe there should be a reality show that depicts what’s really going on in  Deerborn, like Pastor Terry Jones being assaulted by Muslims earlier this year for speaking out against Sharia law and being drug into court where his First Amendment rights were violated.

We need to have a candid discussion about what is really taking place in places like Deerborn instead of having propaganda foisted upon us to make up believe that there isn’t a Muslim problem in the United States.







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