Don’t Complain, Barry – You Earned This…

So last week Obumble tells that Steve Kroft guy from 60 Minutes that he’s the fourth best president EVAH, and of course 60 Minutes doesn’t put that part on their air despite the fact it was the single most interesting/significant thing Obumble said.

By now you already know about that, even though the lefties at 60 Minutes didn’t want you to (they woulda showed it on the air rather than on their website if they did). So that’s a FAIL for both Obumble and CBS News.

And what happens when you step on your crank as a politician? Well, when you’re Obumble, Karl Rove happens.

Rove runs that American Crossroads outfit that does ads trying to get rid of Democrats. That means trying to get rid of Obumble nowadays, so whatever you might think of Rove from the Fox News spots he does or his guru-work for Bush 43 you pretty much have to admit he’s doing the Lord’s work now.

And this spot American Crossroads just put out is the Lord’s work, I’m here to witness. Can I get an aaaa-men?



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