Glenn Beck Announces Restoring Love Initiative to ‘Put Big Government Out Of Business’

Yesterday, I wrote about Glenn Beck’s plan to announce an initiative which he said on his Internet subscription-network, GBTV, today would work to “put big government out of business” by creating a service project called Restoring Love.

The project will begin with a three-day gathering at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas –Beck is moving to Dallas in a few days–from July 26-28 of next year.

Beck announced Restoring Love on his radio show this morning:

On GBTV tonight, Beck elaborated more on his new venture, in which he plans to bring community and faith leaders together with regular folks to help locate places in the country that “want a hand up, not a hand out” and provide for them.

“Let’s say you are a small government person. How do you make that argument, who’s going to pick it up?” Beck asked on GBTV.

His answer is that ordinary people should be able to step up and help the less fortunate by providing goods and services for the poor and for people who are faced with a disaster like Hurricane Katrina or the Joplin, Missouri tornado.

“God forbid if there is a Joplin or Katrina,” Beck said. “If we have done our job so well that when the stupid FEMA trucks come rolling down, we say ‘Man, turn around, push off,’ that’s when Man will be free again.”

He said on his radio show that the Dallas rally would “kick-start a global initiative” to provide things to people that many now look to government to provide.

Beck got the idea for Restoring Love after listening to a 1962 speech from John F. Kennedy about the lunar mission, in which Kennedy said the country would land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth within 10 years.

Beck believes an equally ambitious plan is need to lessen government dependency.

“We will launch this project and return Man to his freedom by the end of this decade-we have about the same amount of time,” Beck said of Restoring Love.

Two summers ago, his Restoring Honor rally drew about 500,000 to Washington DC. Beck had a rally in Jerusalem this summer, Restoring Courage, that, of course, drew considerably less people.

The Restoring Love event is being done through Mercury One division, which handles Beck’s charity work.

He is charging regular folks $10 per-ticket to attend the rally and plans to have corporate sponsor that he said would “pay much, much more.”  All  proceeds above the cost of putting the event will go toward charity.

Beck said he would use to three-day rally as part of a five-step plan to link people and empower them to help those in need.

It sure sounds like a worthy venture and Dallas isn’t that far away, so it’s likely that some fellow Louisianians reading this who are fans of Beck will head out west and attend.

Ordinary citizens helping other citizens is the way it’s supposed to work, but government hates competition and leftist are already bad-mouthing Beck for his plan  just hours after he made his announcement.

If you doubt me, here are some comments from readers of The Huffington Post piece on Restore Love:


Researcher­s are optimistic that with further study scientists might one day unlock the key to this process of brain cell growth and use the knowledge to treat a variety of brain disorders and diseases..­….
HOPEFULLY, this will be done before Beck leaves this earth


That’s like Hitler saying let’s restore kindness in the death camps! I bet H.Post is still scared of G.Beck


Glenn Beck has just announced his latest event: a three-day community service program called “Restoring Love.” — REALLY? Does Glenn Beck even know the meaning of love? I have never ever seen displaying love, the only thing the man spews is HATE… passionate hatred is what he will probably end up spreading,


Sounds good…..f­or Beck’s wallet. This guy has proven he will say or do anything to make money. If in fact good comes from his pony show…..s­o much the better. If Beck profits…­.good luck at the pearly gates GlennMo!


If he really wants to restore love in this country he should burn all his books


Reading those comments makes me really wish Beck all the best with Restoring Love, partly because it’s bound to do much good and partly because it’s bound to drive leftist nuts out of their minds.




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