Lady Gaga Heads to The White House to Fight Bullying

We learned yesterday how Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer should be banned because it teaches kids how to bully deer…I mean other kids. Bullying deer is unacceptable too, so remember hunters not to hurt any feelings while sitting in stands this hunting season.




The latest person to make a full-frontal assault on bullies is Lady Gaga. And believe me, Lady Gaga knows just about everything there is to know about full-frontal. It seems that the pop-diva will meet with Obama Administration officials today to discuss how to prevent bullying. We are happy to learn that the White House is making good use of its time with the nation in the grips of a deep recession.







Obama is on the job of fixing the economy, however, and won’t be on-hand to meet with Lady Gaga. He will be speaking in Kansas in an effort to bully Republicans into passing tax increases.

In honor of Lady Gaga, I think its fitting to offer Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of her, “I Perform This Way”.

I hope that this video isn’t considered bullying or Weird Al could be in trouble when Obama gets back from Kansas and takes a break from playing golf.



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