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So, everybody knows Obama appointed four people to posts normally requiring approval by the Senate. This is in violation of the Constitution because the President is only allowed to make appointments like this when the Senate is NOT in session. Technically the Senate is in session with a token force of Senators on scene in Washington to man the gavel, sit in a seat and speak about worthless matters of no interest before a bunch of empty seats. The Republicans are screaming “NO FAIR” and fretting about a Constitutional crisis coming about because Obama slid this crap through based on an interpretation of a technicality.

Years ago I heard there was a legislator made the statement somewhat similar to “you can work with the letter of the law but I’ll write procedures and beat you every time” or some such poorly phrased truth. Having checked with a legislative watch-dog I was assured there was more than a grain of truth to the statement. So, in retrospect we have to ask: “how will Obama get away with it”?

Probably, he’ll get away with it for the same reason he figured when managed to try it in the first place.

The Republican Party has all of the fortitude of a Texas steer after a long trail drive.


It has become the modern history of the Republican Party, under the leadership(?) of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. These two traditionally raised members of the legislative society of Frick and Frack has managed to shuffle, shuck and jive in the face of a president exhibiting no respect for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or any other conventional concept of the system of checks and balances.

Obama feels the only interpretation of the Constitution to be followed is the one he preached in the hallowed halls of academia. In other words it’s his way or the highway. And the Republicans are too much the cowards to force the issue into the Supreme Court to reestablish the rights of the people to control their government. This is because the Republicans are as crooked in their thinking as the Democrats.

They all are a part of the problem they can’t see they’re creating. And, they can’t and won’t see it because they as the constituent elements of the program are most likely to benefit from it personally, financially and socially. They don’t want to step in the garbage they expect us to accept as due process. It seems they never really get their due (disenfranchising losses at the polls) but they expect us to process it all and accept it out of hand.

Edmund Burke, the great Irish Statesman and Philosopher was credited as saying: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” In this sense we are witnessing the alleged triumph of an already questionable element seeking to control and rule, more than represent and govern. Obama is extending the length of his reach beyond merely extolling socialist banter to grasp regency. He sees himself as an emperor demanding compliance more through usurping the powers of the other branches of the government than through the constitutional limitations placed on the presidency.

And all of this seems to be coming about because supposedly “good men” are doing nothing to stop it. It means less than nothing to understand an election must produce new, complementary legislators in sufficient numbers to defeat Obama’s game plan. But, what if those complementary numbers aren’t elected? Mere numbers may mean nothing.

It’s proven by this power grab that procedure can overpower legislation. Reid, Pelosi and Obama are experts in slamming procedural votes in the direction they want. That’s what’s placed them in a position to accomplish more and more and progressively more to disallow the people their representation under the Constitution.

Where the Republicans have folded more than a new set of napkins at a church picnic, the Democrats and Obama are unraveling the very fabric the American flag. They’re trampling the Constitution.

And, evil will be done as good men sit and do nothing. What say you, my good men and women?

Thanks for listening.




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