This Went Badly For Juan Williams…

The thing is, Juan’s Twitter account isn’t filled up with people who are going to vote in the Republican primaries this year. And that begs the question what he’s doing helping moderate a GOP debate in the first place.

It was a very good debate, by the way. All five of the remaining candidates did well. It was a lot more watchable without Michele Bachmann and John Huntsman, who had become far more irritating than should have been allowed.

Rick Perry had one of his best debate performances yet, but it’s just too late for him now. He’s in fifth place in a five-man race, and that ain’t good. It’s hard to understand how Rick Santorum is still viable and Perry is not given Perry’s record as governor of Texas and Santorum’s record of zero executive experience and sellout of Pat Toomey in 2004, which earned him one of the worse electoral asswhippings of a sitting senator in modern American history, but that’s just the way this came about.

And while I’m typing this I’m listening to Juan Williams continue to gripe about how racist it is to say that Obama is the Food Stamp President. If Obama isn’t, then who is? Everybody else had less people on food stamps than Obama, so if somebody has to be the Food Stamp President, he’s my huckleberry.

But apparently he can’t be, because that’s raaaaaacist.


It’s worth questioning whether Juan got a memo from the DNC’s Ministry of Truth given that every left-wing talking head who can fellate a microphone in the last few days has been hard at work turning the GOP into the Klan. First there was that low-rent hack Dick Harpootlian, who has so destroyed the South Carolina Democrat Party since taking over as its chair that a half-literate sex predator was its nominee against Jim Demint last year, and rather than having to run for re-election Demint was busy raising money all over the country to get Tea Party types into office (with a decent amount of success considering Demint’s proteges include Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Mike Lee). Harpootlian this week voiced the abject stupidity of questioning the GOP’s right to hold a debate on Martin Luther King Day, given the record of race relations in South Carolina – without recognizing that four years ago the Congressional Black Caucus sponsored a Democrat debate on the same day or that the crappy record of race relations in South Carolina in the past came from when DEMOCRATS were in charge, and since the GOP took over in that state they’ve elected a black Congressman in Tim Scott and a woman governor of Indian descent in Nikki Haley.

Now Juan Williams, who just wrote an absolutely ridiculous piece for Fox News in which he equated today’s observances with the Obama administration’s war on the integrity of the voter rolls and suggested that King would be protesting voter ID laws.

Because there are places in this country that had well-deserved reputations for denying blacks the franchise, and now, three generations later, some of those places have taken note that the same party which once sent yokel politicians to stand on schoolhouse steps and order police chiefs to use fire hoses on people who wanted to eat at the same lunch counters with everybody else is now so friendly with the black community that it defends to the death its ability to dummy up fake votes in that community through abuse of the voter registration process and outright fraud in both absentee voting and on Election Day. Martin Luther King, who was a lifelong Republican, by the way, would happily lend his name to Eric Holder’s efforts to protect the Black Panthers from charges of voter intimidation when they stood at the doors of a polling place brandishing night sticks and yelling racial epithets. Sure. He’d also be thrilled at the idea that dead black voters would be right alongside the living in voting for the same party who ran the show in Selma and Birmingham – and Memphis, where he was shot dead at the Lorraine Motel on April 4, 1968.

Without question that’s true. Of course.

And we have other assorted stupidity today, like the left-wing pressure group which protested a bank for the sin of staying open today.

But of course there’s always Jesse Jackson, who demanded that the GOP candidates bow down at the race altar – for the sins of Southern Democrats.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson says he wants to hear the candidates at the Republican presidential debate tonight – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – discuss racial issues, which the civil rights activist says the GOP hopefuls have avoided throughout the campaign.

“I want to hear from them — do they support Dr. King and the New South movement? Do they appreciate Dr. King’s legacy?” Jackson told POLITICO. “These candidates talk about free enterprise, but do they understand that there would be no Boeing plant in South Carolina if blacks and whites couldn’t work together? That you couldn’t have CNN with a segregated Atlanta, or a Disney World in a segregated Florida?”

“I’ve not seen one of them with African-Americans in their ads or going to an African-American church,” Jackson said of the 2012 hopefuls. “It is an irony that they are having a debate on Martin Luther King Day, when all of them are running on state’s rights.”

According to Jackson, by embracing states’ rights, all of the GOP candidates are running campaigns whose platforms run counter to the very reasons Dr. King is hailed a national hero. “The Tenth Amendment was a rationale for southern segregation,” he said. “All of [the candidates] are running on states’ rights, when precisely the cause to defeat states’ rights chose the Thirteenth Amendment.”

So paying homage to black preachers who direct their congregations to vote Democrat with the regularity of the sun rising or casting blacks in TV ads – does Gingrich’s getting an endorsement from J.C. Watts count on this score? – is the only way not to be racist if you’re a GOP candidate? And since when does running on federalism rather than continuing the failed experiment of operating domestic policy in a top-down fashion from Washington make you a racist? It was Democrat machines in the South which practiced institutionalized racism, and it was Republicans who voted in the civil rights reforms of the 1960’s over the opposition of those Democrat machines. So because of the sins of a party Jackson proudly embraces, candidates of the other party can’t express the majoritarian view that power needs to be devolved out of Washington?

Little wonder the crowd went berserk when Gingrich took Williams’ weak shot at him and swatted it into the third row. Conservatives are long past their tolerance level for this kind of bilge from opportunistic demagogues on the Left and their mutilation of history.

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