Clint Eastwood Ain’t Unforgiven, But This Was The Best Super Bowl Ad

Everybody’s talkin’ about that Chrysler ad with William Munny out of Mizzurah croakin’ out his business about how De-troit’s leadin’ the way and it’s halftime in America and so on today.

I like William Munny out of Mizzurah. Even though he kilt wimmin and chillren (but especially because he kilt Lil’ Bill, who needed killin’ for his violence to the trade of carpentry if nothin’ else). And I still like him even though that Chrysler ad was bunkum and bosh. There was some good stuff in there, but generally speakin’ it’s kinda ridiculous for William Munny out of Mizzurah to talk about De-troit makin’ a comeback when Obumble fed ’em $30 billion we’ll never see again.

Even William Munny out of Mizzurah had to come out and say he’s not with Obumble today.

That’s a long post in itself, and MacAoidh and Dan Juneau and Tom and Sarge and some other fellas who post here can prolly do a better job with it.

I’m just sayin’ I like ol’ William Munny out of Mizzurah, but I ain’t so hot on his ad for those oversized Fiats he’s sellin’.

I liked this one better. Nobody can object to Breesus and his kid, right?

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