It’s All Hamilton’s Fault

Where do we begin? Let’s start with the cosmological Big Bang Theory.

In pre-history nothing came together with other quantities of nothing and so aggravated nothing it became excited and created an explosion of such colossal proportions the space dust came together as it split apart (?) and the universe was born.

Does that clear-up the issue for you? Good. It’s illogical. But, scientists tell us they know all there is to know at the moment but end their dissertations with; “that exceeds the understanding we now have of how this all came about”.

Then there’s the logic of people accepting blindly their personal take on any subject is the only one acceptable at any moment. This would apply to people of a secular nature assuming because they find birth control efforts similar to abortion and the usage of “day-after” pills (which may actually serve the same function without the need to consult with doctors) to be acceptable in their lives, it must be acceptable to everybody forced to pay for this stuff with their tax money.

Illogical? Yeah, but when did that ever matter to liberal progressives taking a secular stand on anything? Then you must get to the point of practicality to understand exactly how strange this stance is.

Take your checkbook. Drop the balance to zero by buying everything you want while saying it’s all to benefit those having less. Now because there’s nothing actually in the checking account, proclaim you’re still solvent and continue writing checks to continue buying everything you want to give away to more efficiently “spread the wealth”. In this sense, the old joke of “I can’t be overdrawn on my account! I still have checks in the book!”; becomes a reality and as such a tragedy in the making.

Illogical? Yeah, but when did that ever matter to politicians so spectacularly self-aware and discerning of all things governmental they can gather together nothing in the  vacuum of their heads and make this stuff work? Instead of them exploding; they’re blowing our minds with their usage of outmoded economic theories carrying NO real, palpable and understandable basis in fact.

Barack Obama is proposing a budget to put the United States an additional $1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS in the hole. Okay. That’s been said. Now comes the sad part: he’s not the only one responsible for all of this debt.

The American people are responsible.

There’s been a major shift in the way people view government. At one time it was the role of government to serve the people. That was the vision. That was the goal. That was the dream.

And, it was going along pretty well until 1789. Yeah. That’s right, 1789 when wannabe monarchists like Alexander Hamilton decided the economy should be based on DEBT. He figured if we borrowed money from other countries we could develop a line of credit and become viable players in the world market. It was a nice theory but Hamilton failed to recognize the people we were going to borrow from were strong, viable and vital economic entities because they had money. They didn’t buy it, they sold it and in that position maintained control of the economic growth of a young country trying allegedly to be free of outside controls. This was where logic, as it applies to economics is concerned, died.

There were five areas Hamilton felt, when addressed, would help the economy grow. It allowed Hamilton leadership of the economic movement. He who controls the money controls the country.

It was supposed to create a thriving business environment building on economic strengths ; and it does for a short period of time. But, ledgers must balance. This in turn would attract and develop talented members of the system. This would develop the free-enterprise culture. But the problem was the “new blood” carried the recessive genes of the mentor-Hamilton.

In other words the economy is based on no more than the promises of self-interested politicians bearing no greater coin of the realm than their alleged integrity

And that as we all know is a coming together of disparate amounts of nothingness.

Thanks for listening.

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