Obama And the Main-Stream-Media: A Love Story For Our Time

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, which could never be forgotten by incurable romantics like me lucky enough to have a beautiful lady to remind him that it’s coming—repeatedly remind him.

As the day of romance approaches, some might doubt that true love exits and need to be reminded that it is indeed real. Classic love stories like Romeo and Juliet or Cleopatra and Mark Anthony often ring hallow to such cynics, but we fortunately have a tale of modern-day amour to prove that romance isn’t dead.

One of the greatest love stories of our times is the Main-Stream-Media’s affair with President Obama. This is the romance that helped bring our president to the White House four years ago, much like a groom carrying his bride over the threshold.

As couples celebrate Valentines Day this year, they might want to dim the lights, open a bottle of wine, snuggle up and watch this video.

Love is real, boys and girls, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:

The video is sure to set the right mood, but it’s easy to understand why not everyone likes Valentines Day.

Sadly, danger comes when you choose to ensnare your heart in romantic pursuits.

Nothing lasts forever and people like Chris Matthews know all to well about the pitfalls of unrequited love. Listen to how he sounds remarkably like a scorned high school girl in this next video.

The thrill up the leg is gone and Obama never even calls. He won’t call people in Congress and you can be sure Chris’ phone isn’t ringing. Why? Doesn’t he even care?

It might not be Obama’s fault. I’ll bet those kids with the “propellers on their heads” are really the ones to blame. They are coming between Obama and Chris.

Obama still cares….only….why won’t he call?

Chris isn’t the only one whose heart has been used as a doormat by the president. Remember Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger. Her highly publicized crush on Obama never even got her a “Thank You,” from the president.

In this 2010 interview with Sean Hannity, she admits that the Obama butterflies have left her belly and she might not even vote for him again.  As early as last month, she was saying the same thing. Sometimes the road to romance just isn’t worth the pitfalls:

Showing these last couple of videos might seem like something of a downer leading into Valentines Day, but don’t worry.

The love affair between Barack Obama and the media is far from over. Like every great love story, there is bound to be some bumps in the road and that’s all this really is.

By the time November rolls around, it will be evident that the Main-Stream-Media never really lost affection for our president and you will be able to feel the love as never before. I can’t wait.

Since you are probably as sick as I am of watching tributes to the late Whitney Houston on television–it didn’t take me long–here is “I Will Always Love You” Performed by the woman who wrote the song and sang it first, Dolly Pardon.

True love never dies:

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