The Right To Speak; The Right To Disagree

Is this America? Is it still the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Or is it some third-world annex waiting to fall apart? Is America open to the misinterpretation of what our rights are? Are they available only for those with the biggest mouths, the loudest bullhorns or the biggest crowds to occupy whatever so they can be seen as a force in modern politics?

Whenever a person of religious conviction makes any kind of statement concerning their personal beliefs they immediately have a group affiliated with some special interest calling them bigots and/or malevolent misogynists looking to pillory anybody having a different lifestyle. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans-gender (GLBT) Alliance had a major snit-fit when Kirk Cameron stated his beliefs about same-sex marriage and abortion. The poor babies took his views personally. If the question is asked, an answer will be given.

Kirk Cameron’s a movie maker directing his products toward a specific audience and it isn’t the GLBT/A membership. He wants to entertain and uplift his own people. He is a self-styled minister and spreads his religious teachings to those of similar belief. That’s his business. He doesn’t have to ask your permission to think, speak, act or behave in any manner you command any more than you must follow his way.

It’s amazing whenever any party takes a stand on an issue the opposition (or the apathetic) is vilified as morally challenged and/or hypocritical. The opposition becomes the enemy and the focus of the issue as opposed to the original question.

Years ago a guy named Saul Alinsky wrote a book called: Rules for radicals: a practical primer for realistic radicals. He espoused the idea of addressing an issue and attacking the opposition. This made the dialogue about the opposition and distracted the audience from seeing the original question or premise. It’s worked for years and it’s effective much of the time. Watch CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and the rest of the broadcast alphabet and you’ll see the left-wing approach to political discourse: attack, attack–> attack.

This is still America. Cameron doesn’t have to like you or your lifestyle. Nobody MUST like you or your lifestyle any more than you must like or accept theirs. But GLBT/A personnel need to understand some people are getting bloody tired of having to be lectured by people starting the conversation and then not wanting to hear the other side of the issue.

People! Please! Nobody not of your ilk really wants to hear the door knob rattle as the closet door opens and you emerge. It’s your personal business. Not ours. But if you must proclaim it at full voice there will be people don’t want to hear it.

Shoot! There was a prejudice against people that were left-handed because they were seen to be agents of the devil. There is nothing you’re going to change about it by screaming the announcement of your “liberation” form conventionality into the faces of the heterosexual populace. All you manage to accomplish is to increase resistance, confrontation, opposition and reinforce the prejudices you claim to be against. Maybe you want to petulantly get all the attention you can because you didn’t get enough as a child.

You cannot make somebody respect you, love you or believe in you. You must earn that respect for yourself as an individual. You can earn the affection and love of companions based on who you are and how you behave. You can lead people to believe in you based on your personal integrity and how you show your self-respect and your respect for others. You can’t force acceptance on anybody.

Any person’s sexual identity is a matter of personal responsibility. It’s none of our business what you do behind your bedroom door. So why must you tell me?

The immature and undeveloped juvenile attention seeker screams from the front of the crowd. They proclaim their differences and pray for the recognition they seek, whether positive or negative. They want to be seen. They want notoriety. They want everybody to love them because they think NOBODY loves them.

My suggestion? Grow up.

Thanks for listening.



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