Caligula On The Bayou?

Where do we begin with this? There’s such a dearth of issues to consider that haven’t already been commented on.

Some people believe our beloved Guvna, Punjab Piyush, is Caligula on the Bayou. I think of him more as Bonnie Prince Charlie; suffering delusions of grandeur in his belief he’s qualified to be president. Charlie was the second Jacobite (Stuart monarchist) pretender to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland, now known as Great Britain. Like Bonnie Charlie, Piyush believes fervently parliamentary/legislative interference with monarchical succession is/was/could be illegal, immoral or fattening. It definitely isn’t something he’ll allow. His machine lumbers onward trampling all dissent in its way.

He rams through legislation while firmly maintaining his grasp on the reins of government as conducted in the bathrooms of the Capitol is becoming legend. Career bureaucrats fear him. Teachers and their union leaders loathe him, and he’s holding his own with the Republican National Committee (RNC). He’s allegedly number eight on a short (sic) list for possible Vice President candidates to accompany Mitt Romney down the aisle when (if?) they win election to the Offal Office. His opponents could describe his handling of them as rapacious and destructive.

It’s unknown if this is because of the pearly whites, the helmet-head haircut or his ability to quote with great speed and verbal dexterity , the bullet-points he uses to punch-up his command of all issues presented from the Press Gallery. Ask him any question and he will unerringly and repetitiously drive mind-bullet after mind-bullet into the discussion making it a sure bet he has NO other point of view but his own.

He’s quite similar to our beloved (?) resident of the Offal Office, Beaurat Obama, in this manner. Where Obama can’t speak coherently without a teleprompter, Piyush lends his personal form of fluency by bullet-point to the equation. Please remember his performance concerning the Republican answer to Beaurat Obama’s State of the Union in 2009. His look of earnest concern, his ability to denigrate people living in the vicinity of active volcanoes (Hawaiians, Californians, Washingtonians, Oregonians) and those existing on active caldera (Colorado, Nevada, California, Utah – you get the message) by minimizing the need to address research into volcanoes and their effect on people living near them is memorable; as well as instructive concerning his lack of research on other people’s daily dilemmas.

I must thank Piyush’s greatest ally during his incumbency: Alexander Graham Bell. Yes. That great inventor of the telephone helped assure Louisiana government continues onward toward the sunset because without it Piyush wouldn’t be in the state long enough to be introduced to his constituents. But he does stay in constant touch with his staff, his floor leaders and those he holds most dear; the members of the RNC. In this vein he’s again, like his arch-enemy Obama, spending more time away from his constituency than is seemly. The difference: Obama needs a passport for his travels. Piyush needs an interpreter because he spends so much time probing Yankee’s pocket-books and billfolds.

Some would say I’m not his biggest fan. I’m not. This is because he’s put down people for their lack of “transparency” in their administration, demanded it of those enduring his, and rejected it for himself. Where we’ve skinned Obama for his lies and self-serving rhetoric, Piyush can’t deny he’s cut from the same cloth. That would be checkered pattern as it applies to this subject.

Now to address people fond of the spurious argument: “would you rather see a liberal get elected?” I respond: No; I’d like somebody qualified for a change. You know, like somebody that’s NOT a career politician. Somebody who’s actually had a job like you and me, and knows what a pain in the acetabulum it is trying to survive in this economy. It would be nice to see somebody wanting to seriously serve America and her people and doesn’t want to be the big dog on the block for the sake of having the loudest bark.

It looks like this kennel will always be inhabited by the mangy, the mangle and the mutts. I can’t find any thoroughbreds; just puppy wannabees.

Thanks for listening.



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