Government As Bacterial Infection

You have to wonder: just what does Congress do?

They’re jumping up and down (on a purely partisan basis) because so many people in government are getting caught with their hands in the people’s cookie jar, with their pants down in foreign lands while on official business and in general being overly romanticized.

Because all of the present peccadillos and self-indulgences are happening during Beaurat Obama’s time in office, conservative people are sharpening knives and darts and assembling petards (explosives) to skewer and blow apart their enemies. People are having a field day at the expense of others.

Washington D.C. is a septic system inhabited by bacteria called “political appointees”. Some bacteria are beneficial, others highly dangerous and destructive. But all bacteria grow and prosper based on the nutrients available in the mess they live and work in. This analogy may bother some people but it only takes a brief look at history to understand this is more a progressive tradition than an occasional mistake.

It must be remembered scandal isn’t a product of any particular political ideology. Ulysses Grant was a Republican and his greatest claim to fame after 1865 might be he wasn’t run out of Washington D.C. on a rail. His administration was one of the worst to be wracked by criminal activities. The multiple scandals his administration was associated with, if only because they involved his appointees, are horrible. There were 11 individual, major ruptures of the law resulting in investigations and/or indictments. It resulted in a near total blight on the administration and its ability to function.

While it’s easy to point fingers and mention specifics in most cases where there’s sufficient evidence to gain an indictment, it has to be remembered: when you point a finger at somebody else’s bad behaviors, three of the fingers on that hand point back at you. Hypocrisy is always a major element to be inspected in the actions and motivations of the accuser.

Instead of condemnation based on the particular hue of red or shade of blue under inspection it might serve to be better if we recognize Lord Acton’s now cliché; “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”. When any person is placed in a position of dominion over a political arena (s)he becomes the ringmaster. We see the leader of the pack. It’s only the internal moral compass of the individual defines the integrity of the office at that point.

It needs noting, in certain instances, the needle of a compass can be locked in position when not in use. This isn’t too good if the future course of a governmental department is decided on where that “locked” needle points. There’s no chance of following a “true course”.

The Government Services Administration (GSA) was born in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. Its primary goals were to develop government-wide cost-minimizing policies, and other management tasks. It functionally inspects the operations of governmental programs giving testimony to direct better, more efficient ways the agency may function.

But bad bacteria have infected the workings of the GSA. Individuals tasked with providing oversight and finding ways to combat governmental waste were caught with their pants down in hot-tubs and their wasteful, self-serving spending evident in videos belittling their employers (the American people) and their job duties they find laughable. The controversy’s evident, but, it’s nothing new. It’s gone on for years until GSA became emblematic and representative of a culture inside the Washington Beltway, and politics in general, believing itself above the law and beyond the reach of the American people.

This abuse of power occurred while a bipolar, self-serving Congress acted in concert to feather their personal nests. They failed to note the eggs were pilfered by those they placed in charge of the yard. Congress’s failure to oversee this essential governmental function tells of the incompetence of those elected and foolishly trusted to have unlocked compasses.

Congress taught this course in political malfeasance.  We shouldn’t accept the self-righteous indignation they exhibit now. It’s simple political posturing and it’s wrong.

Consider following the bumper sticker’s advice next election: “Re-elect nobody.”

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