The Key To Mitt Romney Winning The Presidency…

…can be found in this video shot at a recent private fundraising event in Kentucky. Romney has pretty much been hitting the right chords to resonate with voters in a floundering economy since knocking the ball out of the park with his speech after the April 24 primary wins.

The Obama camp might be still trying to convince voters to stay the course and to keep waiting for the “hope and change” thing to pan out. The problem is that it’s a lot harder to make the case for change when you are the incumbent and people have had almost four years to see what your change is all about.

They’ve seen it and don’t approve, which is why Romney has opened up a double digit lead among independent voters.

It’s refreshing to hear Romney speak unapologetically about success and how “everybody should live like this,” as Obama launches cartoons to make the case that everyone should live like “Julia,”—hand-to-mouth from a benevolent government:

Julia’s way has never been The American Way, but John Schnatter’s way is. Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s Pizza, held the fundraiser for Romney. It wasn’t supposed to be filmed, but I’m glad it was.

Democrats, of course, will use events like this to try to make the case that Romney is just a rich one-percenter hanging out with more of the same. Let them make that case.

Most of the people in this country are as sick of the class warfare divisiveness espoused by the president and his supporters as they are of watching energy prices go up while the economy and America’s respect on the world stage steadily sinks. It’s great that Romney touched on all of this and the traditions American Exceptionalism that made us the “economic power house of the world,” at the fundraiser.

Like most elections, this one boils down to what’s going on with the economy. Deeper than that, however, it’s about this country keeping the economic liberty that Romney spoke about and the kind of change that Obama is bringing—a kind that should be an anathema to America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Romney has honed his stump speech over a tough primary fight and he would do well to speak just as candidly to all voters about success as he did to his campaign donors in Kentucky.

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