VIDEO: Glenn Beck On Air With Patrick Frey And Aaron Walker

Earlier today, we made a reference to the Brett Kimberlin story and discussed at some length the hell he has put some of his “enemies” through.

But in case it hasn’t hit home exactly what’s going on with this guy, two of those “enemies” appeared on Glenn Beck’s show to discuss their stories.

First, Patrick Frey, who blogs as Patterico, to tell us about having the police show up at your house on suspicion that you’ve killed your wife thanks to a prank phone call from a Kimberlin associate.

And then Aaron Walker, who blogs at Allergic2Bull, who lost his job amid a legal entanglement with Kimberlin…

It’s really mind-boggling that something like this could continue. But what you have to understand is that Brett Kimberlin has been protected by the Left because it was Brett Kimberlin who, from his prison cell, made the accusation in 1988 that he had sold marijuana to Dan Quayle. Ever since that time Brett Kimberlin has been a hero to the Left; that’s why he was given a stake of cash by rich Democrats to enter the non-profit game when he got out of prison and that’s why those same rich Democrats have made him relatively wealthy as he’s done his dirty work.

Ace Of Spades offers a very good plan of action in handling a situation such as this, though what’s needed is not legislation but law enforcement. Harrassing someone in response to their exercising their 4th Amendment rights, when it involves the kind of reckless endangerment Frey endured that night in Los Angeles or when it involves wholesale perjury in pursuit of someone’s personal ruin, as in Walker’s case, has to be illegal. And to enlist confederates across state lines to aid in such activity should constitute at least elements of a RICO case.

But given that we have a Justice Department more interested in covering up Fast and Furious and promoting voter fraud, maybe what’s needed is legislation – as Ace suggests…

So what can you do?

If you are interested in seeing justice and Free Speech prevail, please write or call your Congressman (or a nearby Congressman, or a Congressman known to be responsive to abuses by the left, if you think your own Congressman won’t act).

Write to him and ask him or her for the following tangible steps, or any other steps he might think prudent:

In addition to reading his record into the Congressional Record, to finally end this absurd contention that it is now apparently illegal to mention the facts laid out in US federal court records, there is tangible legislative action that can be requested:

* That a 501(c) “charity” must certify its principals and employees are not engaging in harassment, intimidation, or attempts to punish free speech, on pain of perjury if this is false.

Will Brett Kimberlin’s business partners and co-principals sign such a certification?

* That a 501(c) principal conducts his legal affairs through a licensed lawyer and not pro se (on his own behalf) unless he can demonstrate that he is indigent.

See, 99% of lawyers would not put their license at risk for frivolous crap like this. Kimberlin can because he has no law license to lose. He represents himself, as as is his right as a citizen… but then, he has no right to run a 501(c). I think a 501(c)’s principals can be slightly burdened to have their suits signed off by a real lawyer, who can face sanctions for false or vexatious litigation against Free Speech.

* That they urge the FBI and DoJ and IRS investigate this matter, as well as possibly-related crimes of intimidation of Free Speech, such as Patterico’s and Mike Stack’s SWATting.

Are those related? We don’t know. It would be nice to know, however.

* That the Government Oversight Committee (or whichever committee is proper) hold hearings on the possible abuse of 501(c) charities for uses against the public interest.

* That Congress stiffen penalties (or add them) such a punitive damages and possibly inductive relief against anyone attempting to use harassment and intimidation to suppress Free Speech. And that they add a law which permits a judge to rule that a litigant bringing vexatious lawsuits with the purpose of chilling free speech be henceforth required to post a large bond before suing, and to have his lawsuits signed off by a lawyer or judge before filing.

I am no expert in this area. Quite frankly, I don’t know what, specifically, can be done. These steps seem reasonable to me, and accomplishable; but perhaps they are unworkable.

Our Congressmen are, however, experts in these things (or have staffers who are experts).

We can at least ask them to put their expertise to use, searching for some resolution to this.

We should all remember that this is supposed to be a participatory democratic republic.

We have the right to petition our representatives with our concerns and our grievances.

We should exercise that right.

Our Congressmen, as we keep insisting, work for us. When their are outrages, abuses, and injustices, we should ask them to take an interest.

This is how laws are passed — by concerned citizens writing to their Congressmen and asking them for their aid.

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