Memorial Day

It’s not our style to gush about holidays or what they symbolize. And that’s probably a fault, for which we apologize.

Today is Memorial Day, and it’s a pretty solemn occasion – or it should be. Today we remember the people who fell, most on foreign soil, defending our freedom and way of life.

Some of their deaths came as a result of mistakes, in tactics or strategy or policy. That matters not; what matters is they gave their lives in service to us.

And that’s a debt we can’t repay. Not to them, not to their families.

The best we can do in repayment of that debt, it seems to us, is to maintain and uphold the traditions and the way of life they died fighting for.

And to remember them.

We can’t think of a better way to do that, in a short blog post, than to turn it over to Ronald Reagan, 40 years after one of the most heroic days in American history.

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