Obama’s Biggest Problem Is That He Talks Too Much

Seriously. That’s the thing that’ll hang him this fall.

Because when you give speeches every hour for four years, sooner or later you’re going to say stuff that makes you look stupid in retrospect.

And then your opponents can string together ads like this…

Karl Rove’s outfit did that one.

MacAoidh noticed earlier today how bad Obama’s campaign team is, and how easy they’re makin’ it for the RNC and the Romney camp to just punk them every day. Which is right. They spend so much time pandering to this group or that, and it pretty much insures that they’ll look stupid.

But the biggest thing is that Obama went in with all this talk about doin’ things differently than anybody else – and for four years he’s been more or less right about that by goin’ in a completely opposite direction. His crew isn’t like anybody else who’s occupied the White House; they’re sleazier, more crooked and have less class.

And now we’ve got an economic depression on our hands, and the Axelrods and Valerie Jarretts of the world are strokin’ out. And tryin’ to blame it on the “high-fivin’ Republicans.”

Axelrod’s gonna have to go back to bein’ the guy you call for a rent-a-mob in about six months. He’s gonna be through with national politics.

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