To Be American

What has a left-wing, a right wing and a body that’s changing daily? Don’t know? Okay. Try this one: what starts dark; lightens with time and patience then disappears but is always there?

Okay: it’s the American political spectrum. Better now?

The political winds are pushing and shifting the sands of our landscape. People don’t see the landscape they once recognized is becoming something they should fear. The landscape is morphing from plain to mesa to mountains and plateaus we, as American citizens, should better understand.

Many people expect America will always be America. It’ll remain the nation responsible for the advancement of liberty and freedom across the globe. These people fervently believe the world owes America a debt of gratitude for sponsoring and allying with people seeking to stop the horror of totalitarian, fascist and communist subjugation of specific nations. Others see colonialism and hate it.

Self-indulgence has advanced the gangrenous rot associated with complacency. The disease’s nature is internally supportive of the growing greed for more and more while putting less effort into the action of acquisition. The rot lingers where parents stop speaking to their children; where they reject their obligation to personally teach the responsibility of being a good American. Yet still, people expect the same level of patriotism from their young they learned from their parents. Others want a different government.

These people fear they’ll stress their kids too much; make them somehow more miserable for requiring they participate in America beyond dreaming of it. Parents refuse to let their children participate in this march necessary to move America into the future it deserves, rather than the country outsiders suggest would better define this nation.

Americans of my generation, the Baby-boomers, have allowed our drive for financial and commercial success to take precedence over our need to explain –  together we’re more powerful than any ONE man’s ideas and goals to tear down what others built. We’ve allowed our laziness, complacency and smugness to supersede our understanding the American sense of spirituality, when it comes to the soul of this land, is lost.

The hyper-educated theorists (educators rather than teachers) fail in their production of recognizable advances. So, they cut, slash and hack at the underpinnings of patriotism by not challenging the thought a Marxist government should displace the American way of republican democracy.

We let these specialists in delivering the air-headed theories bouncing around the halls of extended academia reject the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance because we may chap somebody’s butt. We allow the flying of foreign flags over schools paid for by American citizens so illegal aliens won’t get their feelings hurt. We denounce American school children as confrontational if they express their desire to proudly display the symbols of American Exceptionalism. We become like Babylon after the collapse of the tower. The theorists reject the American identity created through the unifying action of speaking ONE COMMON LANGUAGE. They chew like termites weakening a pillar of hope.

Language unites. It forces people to share truths and realities. The use of one language, when spoken plainly and with dedication to the truth of the statement, cements the foundations we’ve relied on to stabilize our presence in the world. A nation speaking several languages dedicates itself to developing its lack of consistency and its lack of individuality as a nation among nations.

There’ll always be differences expressed by individuals. There’ll always be disagreements. But, if you can’t understand your opponent’s stance because he refuses to speak a common lingo, then there’s no communication. A nation dissolves slowly in a small but growing element of pollution in the world vessel.

We have a left wing. We have a right wing. And, in the middle, connected by the powerful but apparently weakening muscles, tendons and flesh defining the body of the Eagle it is, we have the ability to communicate, to define, to engender the growth of the American Spirit. In this body we can still see the American Spirit fighting for life.

Resuscitate; give back that breath of life. Teach your kids what it means to be proud, to be strong: to be American.

Thanks for listening.

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