DICK MORRIS VIDEO: Obama’s Master Plan For America

He doesn’t do the whole “He’s a communist” thing. Instead, Morris calls Obama an economic fascist.

That’s going to sound like over-the-top rhetoric, which is why Morris says that while fascism is what Obama is about he’s not going to call it that. He calls it “corporatism” instead, but that’s a distinction without much of a difference because that was more or less what Mussolini said Italian fascism was. Either way, as Morris says, it’s a way of running the economy by getting the big banks, heavy industry types, Wall Street, Big Labor and the political class together at a table and having them agree on a plan.

As Morris says, this was more or less how the Japanese destroyed their economic advantages and it was how France calcified their economy in the post-war period. Look up “dirigisme” on Google if you like and you’ll see a fuller description.

You could call this New Economic Patriotism if you want, because that’s your role in all this. Be a patriot and pay your taxes so the federal government can hook up with the Democrats’ big donors and they’ll figure out how the economy works for you.

Or if you don’t make enough money to pay taxes, then be a patriot and vote for Obama.

Morris doesn’t mention this, but Obama-style corporatism was tried by his pal Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1930’s as part of the New Deal. And Obama is a booster of FDR. Remember in his DNC speech how he touted “Bold, persistent experimentation?” That was FDR’s plan, as was getting big business and big labor in a room and planning out who would get what. As a result, FDR gutted small business and drove unemployment through the roof. Which is what Obama is doing.

Think about this – in all of his efforts to raise taxes on people who make above 250K a year, has Obama ever even tried to answer the concerns of folks who say that he’ll be hurting small business if he does that? Nope. Because he doesn’t care. He thinks small businesspeople are in the way. It’s like herding cats with those people; much better to just deal with Citibank and GE.

Americans wouldn’t stand for this if they understood it to be Obama’s idea. And the media certainly won’t present it as such, although the media thinks it’s a great idea. The Washington Post and NBC don’t want competition from plucky, lean-and-mean competitors on the web just like Citibank doesn’t want to have to compete with a thousand little banks in the markets it operates in.

So you’ll have to figure this out for yourself. Obama’s counting on you not to.

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