Some Questions For Foster Campbell

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell is hosting two town hall meetings tomorrow.   He is inviting representatives of local public utilities to attend and answer any questions that arise.  The scheduled meetings are as follows:

·         10 a.m. Thursday, September 13, at Haynesville City Hall, 1711 Main Street; and

·         3 p.m. Thursday, September 13, in the Court Room at Minden City Hall, 520 Broadway.

When Commissioner Foster Campbell stated that “utility companies should be limited to 10% profit,” he showed his lack of concern for the public interest.  This comment sounds like a socialist tactic. Since when in America, does an agency have the authority to determine the profits of independent businesses.

What happens when profits are limited? If a company can make more profit somewhere else, they move their operations to the more profitable locale. Does anyone think that the utility companies of our state are any different than others? If they are unreasonably limited in the profits they make by our government, they can and will invest their resources in more profitable places. Does anyone think that business will invest the latest and best technologies into our state, if their profits are limited? Why should they? Only a fool would invest in an area where the profits are limited if there is a better opportunity. Our system is based on supply and demand and competition.

Campbell’s socialist ideals are wrong for Louisiana .  We have the opportunity to expose him and his agenda at these meetings.  Citizens are encouraged to attend and ask any questions they want answered.  Here are a few questions we would like answered, Commissioner Campbell:

– You were in the news recently saying the Governor needs to read the Constitution because he can’t touch your funding.  Who exactly can?

– What is the mechanism for reducing the size and scope of the PSC?

– How can we as taxpayers protect ourselves from actions at the PSC?  Some of the decisions you make have a direct impact on costs to consumers.

– What checks and balances exist with respect to the PSC?

– Isn’t it time to examine the need for some of the authority the PSC has? Many of the industries you regulate are some of the most competitive industries around.

The Public Service Commission regulates itself.  It answers to no one.  It’s time for this agency – which is being run into the ground by its Huey Long Wannabe chairman – to be reined in and for the people of our state to have fair and honest representation where our utility regulations are concerned.

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