A Perfect Summation Of Karen Carter Peterson’s Louisiana Democrat Party

This item from the Advocate on Sunday was a hoot…

Obama fundraiser surprises party chair

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson found a roomful of “rarities” Thursday night in Baton Rouge.

“I wish the media were here tonight. Sometimes I think they don’t believe Democrats like you exist,” Peterson told a group of about 125 gathered in a downtown restaurant for a fundraising party for President Barack Obama.

A group of women, novices to political fundraising, organized the event on their own without help from the party, Peterson said.

“I met them just 15 minutes ago,” she said.

The party — complete with music from Baton Rouge bluesman Chris Thomas King and New Orleans singer Charmaine Neville — raised more than $12,000 for the Obama campaign.

“Can you do this three or four more times? There’s still 40 days until the election,” Peterson said.

Chris Thomas King and Charmaine Neville – and all they raise is $12,000?

Chris Thomas King and Charmaine Neville – and all they had was 125 people?

Chris Thomas King and Charmaine Neville – and Peterson didn’t know the event was being put on?

If this isn’t amateur hour, it’s hard to imagine what is.

Chris Thomas King was in O Brother, Where Art Thou, for crying out loud.

What’s also pretty funny is that Karen Carter Peterson doesn’t consider the Advocate “the media.” I guess she was looking for a TV camera to mug in front of.

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