The Final Bow

Beaurat Obama has a problem with his spine. Every time he gets near another head of state, Obama drops his gaze, lowers his head, bends at the waist and looks at the guy’s zipper. I don’t know why he needs such a close up view of people’s lower units but this guy has dropped to look at it more than an outboard motor service technician. I’m not saying the guy’s a swinger but he does come across as “soft” when it comes to foreign policy.

In deference to the truth, I’ve bowed my head to people. Some I bowed to very deeply. I respected them just as Obama would claim when he does it. But, for some of us, it means something other than subservience, submission or eagerness to apologize for slights nobody but the empty suit believes in.

When I bow, it may be deep and from the waist. It shows respect. It’s more likely to be a quick head nod while looking the opponent dead in the eye. It’s a statement: “I’m here. I recognize your posture in our relationship. I’m your equal at minimum but most likely your worst nightmare about to be realized. Get used to it!” As a Martial Artists I can say you MUST recognize and respect your opponent’s abilities. You NEVER accept his trash talk and you sure don’t take your eyes off of him. To do such is stupid

Obama doesn’t have “a set” necessary to handle America’s responsibilities on the world stage. He wants to drop the curtain on American exceptionalism and leadership. He’s been an apologist since he stood before the United Nations (UN) and said American policies were viewed as “divisive and derisive”. The only thing derisive and divisive has been his performance denigrating America before the world. His inexperience and lack of foreign policy knowledge beyond what he’s gotten from Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky is now legendary.

MY suggestion is: shut-up and go away. Or, be ready to fight.

Obama’s shown he can screw up well enough to get an ambassador killed in Libya. His position on the Arab Spring failed to recognize the Spring brings dangers of its own. The Muslim Brotherhood has no need to follow the principles of democracy until they’ve drained it of all its promise, at which point democracy becomes a detriment and as such disposable.

Obama likes the concept of Cyberwar. He loves droning people. He has no culpability, no personal responsibility. It’s a hallmark of his administration. Ordering long distance kills by simply saying; “handle it, handle it” in a petulant whine doesn’t make you a Cyber Warrior. It makes you a weenie.

Iran’s not a problem for him. He understands Islam and all its “beauty”. He studied Islam and it’s a major part of his life whether he admits it or not. His drive to bow to this religion’s practitioners makes it a surety he’ll knuckle under if Islam really starts applying pressure. So far his stalling jeopardizes only one nation: Israel, It’s okay in Obama’s mind to tick off the Israelis, they’re a small nation. But, his recusing himself from dealing with their dignitaries is making it obvious his Islamist influence is very deeply rooted.

Afghanistan’s another problem. We went there to find Osama bin Laden. Then people started nation building. You can’t coalesce a mess like Afghanistan into a cohesive state. They’re twenty years shy of emerging from the Bronze Age. All they care about is what their tribe gets and how they’ll keep it. They don’t want to unite and be one people. The concept escapes them. But, he wants to hang in there even though we found Osama in Pakistan. Troop withdrawals should have started immediately.

Our standing before the other nations of the world once was a leading role. Then Obama transformed it into a stand-in position waiting in the wings for its chance to perform as we once did- with power and determination.

Obama needs to take his final bow and get the heck off of the stage altogether.

Thanks for listening.

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