VIDEO: Sharyl Attkisson Blows The Lid Off The Benghazi Security Debacle

It’s a three-minute report, but it essentially dismantles Obama’s foreign policy – and any semblance of credibility to this idea that Hillary Clinton isn’t an abject disgrace as Secretary of State.

The Obama campaign reacted to Mitt Romney’s speech on foreign policy today by saying “Bring it on?” Do they really want to defend this?

What a Charlie Foxtrot.

Chris Stevens was no dummy. And those two Navy SEALS he had with him were trying to get back the very weapons the local Al Qaeda affiliate killed them with in Benghazi.

Zero American security at that consulate. Despite months of evidence that our people were in grave danger without it – and in fact presented a nice, juicy, inviting target to the local Al Qaeda affiliate on September 11.

But this was all about some movie trailer somebody put on YouTube. No reason to think any of this was coming down the pike at all. No reason to have security around our ambassador as he was attempting to disarm the local Al Qaeda affiliate.

Let’s remember that nobody got killed in Watergate. Remember that and then tell me how this isn’t worse than Watergate.

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