Sez Miles: Mission Accomplished, And Thanks To All Y’all Hillbillies

When all this business about Les Miles goin’ up to R-Kansas came up yesterday, purty much everybody said it was a ruse and Miles wasn’t goin’ no place.

Everybody was wrong.

Miles is goin’ to the bank.

With reports of Arkansas offering Les Miles a five year, $27.5 million contract, LSU has made sure its head coach is not going anywhere.

LSU announced moments ago that Miles will receive an increase in salary and a contract extension following LSU’s bowl appearance this year.

“Les Miles is one of the premier coaches in the country and has LSU in contention for championships year in and year out,” Alleva said.  “Only two coaches in the 119-year history of LSU football have coached as many years at this school and only one has won more games.  Les Miles has made a commitment to LSU and LSU is solidifying its commitment to Les Miles.”

“The coaching business is a competitive one and it is important to compensate our coach for his accomplishments and his worth,” Alleva said.  “Les has not received a pay increase since his salary was automatically elevated following our national championship in 2007 and he has continued to keep LSU on the national stage.”

“Our intent was to address his contract following this year’s bowl game, but speculation about other job opportunities accelerated our process a little,” Alleva said.  “I think we have accomplished the important step of securing Les Miles as our head coach for the long-term good of the program.”

The rumor is he got a half-million bucks a year raise. He’ll make $4.25 million a year now, or so.

Which is less than the $5.5 million a year they were supposedly gonna pay him at R-Kansas. And supposedly that was at least kinda legit since Miles and the AD at Arkansas are both Michigan people who hung out with Bo Schembechler at some point together.

Miles wasn’t ever goin’ to Arkansas. Miles and Alleva get along about as good as Bibi Netanyahu and Obama, and Miles had the AD at Arkansas put a story out in the press about an offer so he could jack Alleva up for a raise.

And Alleva was OK with gettin’ jacked up. What could he say? Two years ago he jacked LSU up for a big raise himself by talkin’ to Tennessee about takin’ their AD gig.

So the fans get to fork over for more money for the same coach, and the costs in the athletic department go up in the middle of a bad economy.

Maybe Miles deserves a raise. He thinks so. And most places, a coach who’s 23-3 over the last two years can get one. Tell that to the people still sore about losin’ to Alabama and they’ll bitch about raises for fake field goals on 4th and 11 and so on.

LSU probably doesn’t need to give Miles a raise to keep him away from Arkansas. Arkansas is gonna suck for a while, and Miles has a team next year which is gonna be scary-good.

But LSU can afford to give Miles a bump. He knows that, and he doesn’t mind playin’ that game coaches play when they want one. Worked like a charm, with a lil’ help from the hillbillies up in R-Kansas.

Y’all think the Hat’s dumb. He ain’t dumb. He’s smarter than the AD is. He just made a deposit to prove it.

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