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Beaurat Obama laid-off his Jobs Council Thursday and added to the unemployment rolls. These rolls are at 7.8% at this time down from 9 % when he initially founded the foundering entity it came to be in January of 2011. It was a then bold statement as to Obama’s commitment to create fact-finding commissions he loves initializing.

The problem is they never accomplish anything; much like he does nothing in his career.

Nobody can argue Obama does what he’ says he’ll do. He said he’d establish this council and he did. But nobody ever asks him: what substantive good did this council accomplish? What has the establishment of this Salvatore Daliesque painting you’ve framed for us to “appreciate” really done for us and those unemployed for so long? What lessons have we learned from the exercise in bureaucratic construction we now see was created with crepe paper and flour based glue?

Those queries never get to be presented to the Great Obliviator in open news conferences or “pressers” or when he holds one of his heavily vetted public speechifying events. The women on The View have NO interest in getting to the bottom of any particular issue unless it involves tearing a conservative to shreds and walking out when they disagree with the talking points of an intended victim. They don’t have the intellectual depth or integrity to actually ask the hard questions of their deity when given the chance to sing his praises.

This entire administration has put in place a history of vapid promises and hopes for change and self-congratulatory primping to assure the American people understand Obama deserves elevation to Olympus. Now if that means he should have the mountain of lies shoved where the “sun don’t shine” in response to the manure laid on so thickly as to choke the airwaves with the stench they produce; I can go along with that elevation. Otherwise let’s start looking at just how effective this guy has been so far.

Oh yeah; that would be damned little.

It’s been stated that an administration is noted for the ability of the president to bring the nation together. Franklin Roosevelt administrated us out of the Great Depression and shepherded us into, through and almost out of World War II. (He died in office.) George W. Bush accepted the call and worked to pull us through the act of war we know as “9/11”. We’ve watched his efforts at securing our safety and pursuing our enemies denigrated by a third rate wannabee Nero intent on reconstructing his Rome, our nation, in his image.

The pomposity, the primping and preening and that bloody finger he always points to emphasize his point is maddening rather than instructive and regal. It’s like getting a lecture from an idiot postulating on the greater meaning of the world and its influence on his life. The man has substantively produced NO results guaranteeing him a place in history other than as the most divisive influence in the history of the republic.

All bipartisan negotiation and participation in the conduct of national interests has come to a complete halt under his administration. In spite of his admonitions it’s all the fault of the Republican Party we now understand this is a tactic spelled out in Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky’s manifesto as to how government is to be disrupted and eventually overthrown and laid low.

First you accuse the opposition of what you yourself are guilty of doing. Jump on that accusation until you get the results you desire. Change the subject whenever necessary and then arbitrarily return to the accusations of misdoing done by your opponent. Scream racism when necessary to unnerve people. Recognize nothing else stops a conservative faster than making him stop what he’s doing to drive him into self-doubt and analysis of their own motives.

Derail the train of thought and replace it with a handcar alleged to be, but is nowhere near as good as the locomotive meant to pilot the argument in the first place.

Obama was a very apt pupil of Alinsky’s game plan. It’s time we all became familiar with those principles.

Thanks for listening.



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