SARGE: The Continuum

I, as a responsible gun-owner (I’ve never shot anybody didn’t try killing me first) wonder why stupid people would disarm me so I’m incapable of protecting myself, my family and them. It seems logical the hyenas preying on the innocent want them unarmed and unattended to by somebody with enough sense to NOT expect mercy from a hyena. State Representative Barbara Norton obviously doesn’t have a clue of what’s entailed in violent crime. She’s pre-filed a legislative attempt to neuter citizens hoping to stop an aggressive home-invader. Home invasion is an act of violence executed against citizens when they most likely feel themselves safest; in the confines of their home.

To invade means to enter forcefully as an enemy; go into with hostile intent 2.) to enter like an enemy 3.) to enter as if to take possession 4.) to enter and affect injuriously or destructively (Dictionary. Com)

Rep. Norton doesn’t understand placing intricate steps between the homeowner and the tool he chooses to effectively protect his family is stupidly ill-advised. She wants locks on the trigger, locks on the container and locks on the space you place the container into. This won’t stop an invader dedicated to taking your stuff and possibly your life simply because they want to do it.

Ms. Norton apparently knows nothing of human responses to stress. Fine motor skills like placing a small key in a small lockset become nearly impossible when you’re placed in a fight or flight situation. You may flee, but I’d suggest the invader will launch an attack stopping you from doing so. Unless you can outrun a bullet travelling at a speed over 1200 feet per second (fps) I’d suggest it’s smarter to stand and fight with a weapon matching and/or exceeding the weaponry used against you.

That’s what the police call the: Use of Force Continuum. It’s a logical way to express what’s necessarily done to deflect attacks of increasing danger from an aggressor. The defender may use a level of force one step above the intruder’s.

It follows this (or a similar) progression from least force to lethal force:

  1. Command presence : you demonstrate you won’t be a victim by your awareness, preparation and bearing
  2. Loud Verbal Challenge: you advise the aggressor in a LOUD voice you won’t be a victim and will actively prevent the aggression
  3. Soft Empty-Hand Techniques: take a pre-combat stance (balanced footing bladed with 1 leg forward, hands up and looking directly at the aggressor); you push the aggressor away when he steps into range while you stand your ground
  4. Hard Empty-Handed Technique: you impact (strike) the aggressor with force when he steps into range after aggressively ignoring your warning
  5. Impact Weaponry: any hard weapon (stick, table leg, bottle, rolled up newspaper etc.) you may use to overcome his reach advantage and forcefully strike him to stop his attack
  6. Lethal Force: You stop his overtly violent advance by matching or exceeding the violent level of force he’s trying to deliver. (He tries to punch; you deliver a strike with an object to stun or stop the assault; he has a knife, you produce firearm(s). He has a firearm; you match firepower for firepower to drive the aggressor away or incapacitate him).

There are factors to be taken into consideration i.e.: height, size and weight differential between an aggressor and his victim. A six-foot-five male weight-lifter vs. a five-foot 100 lb. female allows the female the discretion to elevate the use of force against her attacker because of his perceived ability to overpower and thus potentially kill her with or without weaponry. Age differentials are also a consideration. The elderly may need to adjust their force delivery to overcome obvious disadvantages of age, health and infirmity.

This all takes into consideration you have the means of your attack resistance instantly at hand. Fumbling with locks in your own home isn’t going to work. You’re where you belong; the home invader isn’t. You may protect yourself and your family. Following Norton’s ill-advised instructions interfering in your right to be safe and secure in your home is stupid and potentially lethal for you.

Thanks for listening.



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