Cover Versions: Hey, You Interested In Seein’ The Korean Jimmy Hendrix?

We haven’t done any of those Cover Versions posts in a while, so if you want you can consider this the latest installment. It’s a Korean chick coverin’ Voodoo Chile on a gayageum.

A what?

A gayageum. It’s kinda like a zither.

And as it turns out you can shred with it pretty good.

The chick in question’s name is Luna Lee, and she does lots of gayageum rock covers, particularly from Hendrix.

F’rinstance, we have Bold As Love…

And there’s some Stevie Ray Vaughn in here, too. Here’s Scuttle Buttin’…

We found this, too. It’s a cover of a song called Determination, by an Australian dude named Tommy Emmanuel I never heard of. Sounds pretty good, though…

Nobody knows who the heck Luna Lee is. But everybody knows who Psy is.

Now, ask yourself – what’s worth gettin’ a ton of YouTube hits and people getting fired up about – that stupid Gangnam Style stuff, or somebody showin’ up as the Hendrix of a Korean string instrument?

Yeah, me too.

Eat your sunglasses out, Psy. You suck. We like Luna.

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