SARGE: A Call To Arms

It’s my purpose to light a fire under people regularly complaining about the misdirection of their government while doing nothing to change it. Yes. I’m talking about people more interested in directing arias toward the choir than delivering a proper concert before the people. Armchair quarterbacks have NO value at all. They’re more a detriment than anybody ever thought. They’re impotent aggravations accomplishing nothing.

I’m trying to emulate my ancestors; those people placed it all on the line so their children could escape the oppression of a King and his Parliament forgotten they’d been placed where they were by God for the betterment and protection of their people. They had a responsibility to serve the people and not place them in a posture of subservience and the position of practical slavery.

There were 56 signatories of the Declaration of Independence. These men accepted they’d be declared traitors, their fortunes and lands confiscated for the Crown and their lives forfeit upon capture. Still they accepted the call to better their world and develop a new country responsive to the will of the people. It would be a country made better for their children than for themselves. For them, it could mean only danger and fear.

Some out there will say I’m nuts. That’s okay. I’ve been called worse. But, nobody has ever said I was a coward or afraid to back-up what I say with the action necessary to see my cause through.

Some may say I’m an anarchist. That may be if it’s meant in the same descriptive element designates the vaunted history of Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams and John Hancock. All of these luminaries put their reputations on the line and their shoulders to the wheel soon to carry America from the oppression of a government in absentia; much like this one removes itself from the controls of the people. It was a government they were never allowed to be members of or participant in the actions directed against them for the benefit of lords and peers separated from them by an ocean.

If it pertains to my belief we need to abolish the control of the well-connected and the wealthy believing it their entitlement to manipulate our lives through selectively authored and personally beneficial legislation enriching them and giving them power over the people they claim to represent; then yes I could be described as an anarchist.

Yeah! I can see myself as a progeny of Thomas Paine. I can see myself quoting Sam Adams with “It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires… in the minds of men”. I can see myself emulating this and appreciate the peril it would place me in because I refuse to accept what government doles out to me so as to keep me servile and in alignment with their goals for my enslavement. I reject the insult they extend toward us when I realize just how stupid they think you and I are. You should do the same.

I don’t necessarily want armed, aggressive revolution. But I recognize the need to organize; a concept apparently foreign to the Republican Party hierarchy. Small squads of three to five people daily taking the battle to the homes of the incumbents and addressing their perfidious activities would start the process. It very much needs to be made personal for those who’d strip us of our liberties and blunt the sharpened edge of our right to self-determination.

It takes ingenuity and drive to put them in their place. A Congressman whined “they can get really mean if you speak out”. The whiners should be put in their place as well because we elected them expecting get mean. So, get mean right back at them. If you want to find excuses to fail, you surely will. If you want to fight to take control of your government, you have to take your lumps and keep smacking them with the truth.

I’m calling for a Revolutionary train of thought. I want you to use your minds as weapons so we can win back our country.

Thanks for listening.

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