SARGE: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

The little girl in the picture on my Facebook account asked a question. She asked: “We’re not supposed to think all Muslims are guilty for the attacks on 9/11 right? Then why are we supposed to believe all people owning guns are responsible for when one crazy person shoots somebody?”

It begs an answer. The question is more than applicable in light of evidence being developed in Boston post-bombing. We’re not sure whether this is a home-grown wacko like Timothy McVeigh or something brought us by perverted, foreign, fundamentalist cabals seeking revenge; we must wait for the law enforcement powers working to gain intelligence on the matter. They must tell us where the evidence points in the matter of culpability.

We are human. Humans have prejudices. Does that mean all humans have prejudices? And if they do, are they ALL of the same value pointed in the direction of only one group or doctrine?

The obvious statement would be no.

But we are expected to condemn the tool because some people’s misuse of tools advances some insane goal. On a Texas campus, a pistol was used to shoot a classmate. In the past two weeks a deaf student on a school campus used a knife to slash and cut other students because he’d fantasized about cutting people. In Boston, some madman dropped bombs made of a pressure cooker, high explosives and shrapnel packets designed to maim and kill in close proximity to thousands of people watching the conclusion of the Boston Marathon. Now we have a severe and present danger there’s a plot afoot where people sent a letter/envelope containing the Chemical Agent Ricin to a sitting member of Congress.

Do we ban pistols? Do we ban cutlery and Xacto ® knives or deaf people? When will Congress call for the banishment of pressure cookers and force such legislation down the throats of the people in response to the horror of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)? As the US Postal Service is already on Congressionally subsidized life support, will we let it die and thus make the world safe from “Uni-bombers” and chemical agents distribution specialists?

I don’t know what will happen next other than politicians will find a way to apply enough spin on this political ball to make a major leaguer blush. Obama is already politicizing these events. He’ll go to Boston for his next photo-op. His happy mouthpieces, like Axelrod, Mathews and a host of ignorant, self-serving celebrities want to create the controversy will place them in the spotlight and firmly in the middle of the video-frame.  They’ll appear properly concerned, erudite and having the imagination and boundless knowledge to suggest the solution to a problem plagued mankind since he started walking and initiated social contact and living in societies.

That plague is violence.

Violence is the hallmark of man’s existence for millennia. Man killed man with his hands as soon as he figured out strangling would work. Rocks and other tools came next. Weaponry improved and carried this violent plague from the immediate, in-your-face activity of hand-battering the enemy to the point of death to where we stand now; capable of world-killing efficiency with chemical weapons, biological agents and nuclear playthings some people may use to prove their point.

Violence is a genetic stumbling block in EVERY human being on the planet. It’s a part of us some won’t acknowledge and act upon. But it’s also such a great portion of our social interaction it threatens our collective existence. We’ll never be able to do away with it.

Geneticists and others will claim the ability (in the future) to remove the gene makes us violent. It won’t work. You’ll have to remove hunger and jealousy and anger and pain and fear and a host of other problems individuals carry in their genetic structure. You’ll need to end hate and love.

But rest assured politicians will try legislating the matter like trying to remove the genetic detriment leaves us barren as humans because we must hunt to live.

It’s a shame these politicians can’t understand their selectivity won’t conquer our shortcomings.

It only accents theirs.

Thanks for listening.

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