SARGE: No Checks = Power Imbalances

Recent revelations showing the IRS targeted conservative groups applying for tax exemptions are “absolutely unacceptable and inexcusable.” This was Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wollin’s statement on 5-22-2013. Wollin said Treasury officials purposefully kept themselves out of the daily affairs at the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

“Treasury’s longstanding practice – spanning Republican and Democratic administrations – is not to involve itself in the details of the IRS’s administration and enforcement of the nation’s tax law. It is critical that the nation’s tax laws are administered and enforced in a way that neither involves political influence, nor the perception of political influence.”

Really? We’re supposed to believe the IRS doesn’t involve political influence or political influence?

We’ve been aware of the possibility of governmental interference in the lives of people not agreeing with government’s stand on any given topic for years. It’s been a reality since the nation was founded. While the “Founding Fathers” started this operation with the best of intentions there have always been malcontents seeking to stabilize their governments by suppressing the people speaking out against them.

John Adams, the second president of the United States threw a snit and had people arrested for criticizing his government and punished them under the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. Since the development of the Internal Revenue Service we’ve seen a newer and more covert manner of suppression and punishment put into action through this governmental ogre.

Make an anonymous tip to an IRS “Hotline” and a surreptitious investigation of somebody’s past and present tax filings will be inspected and pored over in a search for eccentricities whether they’re innocent mistakes or don’t exist at all. Records production going back years can be required and the IRS employee doing the investigation then has your fiscal health and future in his/her hands. If they don’t like you or feel you’re being uncooperative (which can be something as simple as NOT organizing the records you keep in a shoe box) can get your accounts seized, your assets frozen and your butt a serious tax bill with exorbitant (and arguably usurious) interest charges as well as the possibility of imprisonment.

What they say goes. You get NO trial, unless they seek criminal charges, convictions and imprisonment. You can have a hearing before a colleague of the guy/gal found you remiss in the first place. It’s like a second opinion of an imminent death diagnosis being sought from the brother/partner of the doctor in the same practice. It’s always going to be suspect as to whether it’s a genuine concurrence with the prior diagnosis or if it’s a simple agreement so the first party gets credit for money to be acquired for the “treatment” of the problem.

Ask Willy Nelson and Wesley Spikes.

It’s notable that Wollin said what he said and in the way he said it. “Treasury’s longstanding practice – spanning Republican and Democratic administrations – is not to involve itself in the details of the IRS’s administration and enforcement of the nation’s tax law.” Yeah. And drug dealers have product purity standards.

In MY purely arguable interpretation, nobody in the Treasury Department wants to screw with the IRS either. IRS has too much power. Everybody knows when power becomes absolute and answerable to no one, it’s open to absolute abuses by petty bureaucrats itching to punish those not paying proper homage toward their exalted status and positions.

NO supervisory checks? Nothing needs balance.

This ogre beneath the bridge has been unchallenged for too long. American government has been removed from the people since Woodrow Wilson hammered and distorted it into a newer, self-serving mold in the first part of the 20th Century. The people have been ridden over roughshod by various “secretly policing” operations started in time of severe stress after attacks and acts of terror. Instead of looking outward to protect the American citizen, idiots in Congress enact legislation and dole out unfettered power to troglodytes seeking to exercise their newly developed muscles by abusing American citizens.

If nobody patrols/controls the streets of America, criminals (actual and governmental) will violate the rules and laws of man every chance they get.

Thanks for listening.

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