BEATDOWN: Paul Ryan Clobbers Jim McDermott (UPDATED)

With a hat tip to The Corner at National Review, here’s a great sequence of videos from today’s IRS hearing at the House Ways and Means committee. It begins with Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Washington) shilling the Left’s position that because these are Tea Party people being harassed, their activity doesn’t merit tax-exempt status and what happened to them was completely justified.

And then comes the response of last year’s GOP vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), who does to McDermott what the Enola Gay did to Hiroshima.

Whoever gave McDermott the idea that it was a politically palatable thing to do to lecture the victims of IRS persecution as to the rectitude of that persecution ought to be out of a job. But as we know, Democrats getting fired in Washington for sucking at their jobs doesn’t happen.

That needs to change. Abolish the IRS. Abolish it post haste.

UPDATE: Rep. Aaron Shock (R-Illinois) then delivers the coup de grace, noting that Organizing For Action is a 501(c)4. “Is that political?” he asks.

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