Mary’s Not Happy About The Immigration Debate

The Times-Picayune has a piece from last night about Mary Landrieu and the immigration debate which is perfectly instructive of what kind of senator she is.

Landrieu is unhappy about all these controversial amendments to the bill brought by Republicans…

Angry that most of the debate over the pending immigration bill has centered on contentious amendments, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., Wednesday evening called on Senate leaders to bring up amendments that enjoy wide support. Like hers.

“When we get on a major bill like this and members work hard to build support and to get bipartisan support, our amendments that are noncontroversial should go first…But that’s not what happens around here,” Landrieu said. “What happens around here is the guys that cause all the trouble all the time on every bill, and I don’t want to name their names because it’s not appropriate, but there is group on the other side, and a few maybe on our side, they are never really happy with anything and so they file tons of amendments and we spend all of our time worrying about their amendments.”

Landrieu spouted off after David Vitter, John Thune and Jeff Sessions had offered amendments to strengthen the border-security part of the bill – elements of which are supposedly included in the Gang of Eight amendment to debut today. The Thune amendment last week was the one in which Mary’s incomplete understanding of American geography reared its head, which landed her on the Tonight Show as the butt of one of Jay Leno’s jokes…

So – what amendments ought to pass, in Landrieu’s estimation?

Landrieu said she had several non-controversial amendments, measures designed to help small businesses in Louisiana and elsewhere comply with a bill provision requiring potential hires be checked through an e-verify system for legal status. Landrieu has also proposed amendments to help families involved in international adoptions.

Though Landrieu says she worked successfully to garner Republican support, she expressed frustration that she can’t get votes on the measures — even without any known opposition.

“This is one senator that’s tired of it and more importantly my constituents are tired of it,” Landrieu said. “It’s not about me, it’s about them. They look at this and they say well, why can’t you get that amendment passed? There is no opposition to it. It’s really good…That’s hard question to answer.”

“Non-controversial amendments” is another way to say “pork.”

And everything Landrieu told the Picayune is another way to say that as a typical Democrat who votes the way President Obama tells her to in just about every case, she’s tired of Republican amendments and she wants to vote for the bill, quick. God forbid the American people and her constituents should actually recognize what’s been passed before it gets voted on.

We’ll see how she votes on whatever border security amendment the Gang Of Eight comes up with. We already know she’s going to vote against the wishes of her own constituents on the overall bill.

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