This one actually went up on the web Wednesday, but we held off posting it until now so as to get it closer to when our readers will actually see it.

Because based on our traffic numbers, anything we post over the Fourth of July weekend is worthy of witness protection status.

Anyway, this Afterburner edition deals with tyranny – y’know, the stuff we fought a revolution over about 237 years ago. And in it, Whittle wonders whether the kind of tyranny our founding fathers risked their lives and fortunes in an effort to defeat isn’t with us right now.

But he doesn’t think the kind of tyranny that people think of when the word is used, namely the “imagine a boot stepping on a face, forever” version the Nazis and Bolsheviks and Khmer Rouge inflicted on their people, will ever be the case here. Instead, it’ll be the little-by-little tyranny of government dependency for the masses, and political demonization and harassment for the dissidents, until elections are a foregone conclusion and the wrong people are in absolute control.

Whittle says there’s a way to beat this back, and it doesn’t involve shootings or bombings…

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