Pay Attention Next Time We Tell You Something

No, that’s not for everybody. Just for some of the smart set who wasted time last month with all the Jindal-For-Senate stuff.

We said the Governor wasn’t going to run for the Senate. It wasn’t all that earth-shattering a prediction.

Guess what?

He isn’t.

From Jindal’s own mouth at the CBI economic development presser today…

“Absolutely not,” Jindal told the media. “Emphatically no. There are no caveats, no wiggle room. I’m not trying to give myself any out. I have absolutely no interest in running for the United States Senate. I am not a candidate for the United States Senate. I will not be a candidate for the United States Senate. You can film that, you can write that down.”

No comment yet from John Maginnis, the most recent purveyor of this Jindal-For-Senate business.

It was always ridiculous to think Bobby Jindal was going to get into that Senate race. As Mike Bayham, writing here, said last month

And I am not buying the Piyush Punch being served claiming that the governor is weighing a bid to run against Mary Landrieu for the US Senate seat she has occupied since 1997.

Firstly, a US Senate run in 2014 would make zero sense particularly as that it’s apparent he is planning a run for the presidency in 2016.

Parochial candidates don’t pen screeds about the direction of the national GOP in the Politico, as Jindal had recently done.

And US Senate candidates don’t gallivant all over the fruited plain of America attending fundraisers for people other than themselves.

Secondly, Jindal does not exactly have a warm and fuzzy relationship with his lieutenant governor Jay Dardenne.

Though they belong to the same political party, the first and second highest elected officials in the state have publicly clashed over the state’s tourism marketing budget, something Dardenne administers as the de facto state tourism director though Jindal influences its funding.

Though Jindal did not overtly oppose Dardenne’s re-election in 2011, it became obvious where his sentiments were in that election when the governor helped Dardenne’s opponent, Plaquemines Parish President Billy

Nungesser, raise money to retire his campaign debt from his unsuccessful bid only months after the election.

One could hardly expect Jindal to hand over the keys to the Governor’s Mansion plus the ability to dump his non-civil service appointees mid-term to a political adversary.

Third and perhaps most significantly, Jindal is one of the most risk-adverse people in politics. That’s not to say he is unwilling to launch bold policy initiatives but when it comes to putting his name on the ballot and political future on the line, Jindal plays it safe.

So safe that it could be argued that Jindal has never won a real election in his life. He secured his first term in Congress when supporters pressured his one credible challenger, then-state representative Steve Scalise, out of the race and faced token ballot space occupiers for re-election.

Our gratitude goes out to Jindal for exploding this media-driven attention grab and letting the air out of the balloon belonging to whoever was pushing it. Now we can move on to other idle speculation and rumor-mongering.

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