VIDEO: Renewal Fuel Standards And The Blend Wall

This was put out by, which is a website from a fairly diverse group of business lobby groups ranging from the petroleum refiners to the National Frozen Pizza Institute (bet you didn’t even know that existed), not to mention a whole bunch of business interests involving animal husbandry.

It’s branded as The Hall of Legislative Curiosities, and it talks about RIN’s, which are devices the EPA uses to enforce mandates on refiners to blend ethanol into automotive fuels. And of course the mandate is for more and more ethanol blended into those fuels, until you get to a point where you can’t blend any more without trashing your customers’ engines.

Worth a look, though the background music tends to drown out what the guy’s saying a bit too much…

By the way, the poultry people are behind this website because when you burn 40 percent of the country’s corn to run cars, you’re hiking the price of chicken feed. Not to mention it costs more to feed cows and pigs as well.

An uncommonly stupid policy, ethanol.

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