Jindal Shreds Holder On The School Voucher Lawsuit

Politically, this is an opportunity for Jindal the way the Justice Department’s voter-registration-for-welfare-recipients lawsuit, which appears now to be in something of a remission, was for Tom Schedler and David Vitter.

Because, as the Governor notes in this appearance last night on O’Reilly, the absurdity of the government’s position that supplying resources to allow people the freedom to send their kids to good schools is somehow violative of their civil rights just stings the nostrils.

There is nothing better for a politician than to get into a public fight on a substantive issue in which you’re so obviously correct from both a moral and political standpoint as to make the other guy look like a joke, and a cruel joke at that. And with a variety of approval ratings putting Jindal under water, he needed just such an issue as the Obama administration and its thug attorney general have just provided him with.

You’ll see this turn into a crusade. And incidentally, it has the potential to do to the Louisiana Democrat Party with the black community what Obama’s offshore drilling moratorium did to it with conservative white Democrats in places like Houma and Lafayette. We’ll see how that develops.

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